Trishanku is a king who lived in Treta Yuga and belonged to Ishvaku dynasty. The story of Trishanku was mentioned in Ramayana. Those people, who are unable to make a decision properly, will be called as “TRISHANKU”. The great king Trishanku is still living in the heaven created by Viswamitra.

He was an ancestor of Lord Rama. After ruling properly the kingdom for several years, his father crowned his son Trishanku and made him as the king of Ayodhya and left to the forest for performing penance. Trishanku was interested in going to heaven with his physical body. He approached sage Vasishta, but he refused towards sending him to heaven with his physical body. After some time, he approached sage Viswamitra for sending him to heaven with his physical body. Viswamitra, accepted Trishanku’s request and agreed to perform the necessary rites to raise Trishanku to the heavens with his physical body.

The rituals began and with the great powers of the sage, Trishanku started going to heaven. Upon his arrival in heaven, the Devas led by Indra, refused to permit Trishanku to enter, and sent him out. Trishanku began falling back to earth.

Vishwamitra become very angry and he used his powers to prevent Trishanku’s fall, causing trishanku to stay in the middle of the sky.

Trishanku prayed Vishwamitra for help and this time, the great sage viswamitra started creating of a new heaven in the sky. As the new heaven was created, the sage asked Trishanku to live peacefully in the heaven. Vishwamitra declared him as the Indra of the new heaven that he had created. Due to his act, the devas were frightened and asked him to withdraw him from his act. They explained to Viswamithra that they only wished to prevent the unnatural act of someone entering heaven with his physical body.

Viswamitra accepted the request of the devas, and told to them that the new heaven shall be called as Trishanku’s heaven and he shall not supersede the command of Indra, and he will reside upside down in his heaven.


Though he lived in the new heaven in the manner of upside down, he was previously ruled his kingdom in a well-versed manner and respected his people and done many charity works. He was liked by his people, and the people were lived very happily and peacefully without any problems in their life. Since he had taken an unnatural task of entering into the heaven through his human body, he had suffered a lot and lived in the “TRISHANKU HEAVEN” in the upside down manner. But after some time, due to his son Harichandra’s noble activities, it is believed that he regained his normal position and living peacefully in his own heaven.

Let us worship the great king and be blessed.