Maalikapurathamma is the goddess who is worshipped at a shrine in Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. It is a must for the Ayyappa devotees to worship Mata Maalikapurathamma Temple after having darshan of Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple. Malikappurathamma is also called as Mancha matha.

Maalikapurathamma is the sister of Mahishasura, and she is a buffalo-headed demoness. She was killed by Lord Ayyappa, and then she was transformed into a beautiful woman. She wanted to marry Ayyappa, but since Lord Ayyappa was a strict bachelor, instead of marrying her, he asked her to permanently reside near his temple in Sabarimala and to bless his devotees. In course of time, her temple was known as Maalikapurathamma Temple.

Malikappurathamma temple

Malikapuram Temple is situated on a small hill nearby Sabarimala. According to legend, Malikapuram temple is the place where she met Lord Ayyappa.

The temple of Amma, is also considered as sacred similar to Lord Ayyappan, and is located near to the main shrine of Lord Ayyappa. She is also believed to be an aspect of Mata Parvati, and contains her features. She is fondly called as “AMMA” and worshipped by the devotees with much love and affection on her. She shows motherly affection and provides all sorts of goodness to us and will bless us to get a permanent place in the heaven.  She holds a ChanguChakram and  Abhya Mudra.

Coconuts, saffron powder, jaggery, silk clothes and turmeric powder are offered to Malikapurathamma.


She is a divine mother who will take us to the spiritual path and make us to feel comfortable in our life. Being the Shakti aspect, she also contains the divine powers of Lord Ayyappa and whoever visits her shrine, she will kindly look at them, and shower her grace. By worshipping her, we will get courage, physical and mental strength, wisdom and peacefulness in our life.

Let us worship the holy mother and be blessed.