Panchajanya is the holy conch of Lord Vishnu. According to the famous legend, Mahabharata, the great demon Panchajanya also called as Shankhasur was lived in the Ocean Prabhasa and he kidnapped the son of Sandipani, the guru of Shri Krishna and imprisoned him in his place. The guru was very much worried about the condition of his son, and asked Lord Krishna to find and bring back to him. Immediately Lord Krishna went inside the sea and fought with the powerful demon, killed him and rescued the son of his guru, and took the conch shell along with him in order to use it during the kurukshetra war. He then went to the ashram of his guru Sandipani and returned his son to him. The image of Lord Vishnu in the temples is depicted with having the Conch and Chakra in his hands.

According to Ramayana, Rama’s brother Bharata is considered to be an avatar of Conch also known as Shankha. The conch is considered as a holiest one and can be kept in the puja room. It gives great prospects in our life, and will heal our various diseases and gives great mental satisfaction to us. Our unwanted thoughts will be avoided in our mind, by keeping the conch in our puja room.

The main benefits are as follows:

  1. Improves mental and physical strength.
  2. Career growth will be there.
  3. Unnecessary tensions and angriness will be avoided.
  4. Positive approach in our life.
  5. Fulfilment of our desires.
  6. Gives more spiritual energy.
  7. Ma Lakshmi’s presence will be there.
  8. Relief from various problems in our life.
  9. We will attain SALVATION, after our death.

Hence, by keeping the above factors into consideration, let us worship the Lord Panchajanya and be blessed.