What is the way of life propagated by our ancient seers in their infinite wisdom? Is this holistic and relevant in the modern world, does it take it into account all the factors that influence an individual’s life. In short what is the world view espoused by our scriptures? Learn more in this section that helps you have a bird’s eye view of Hindu Philosophy and acquaints the readers with the core values of Hinduism. India is a land of festivals - some part or the other is busy fasting or feasting according to the days of the Hindu calendar. These joyous celebrations are an occasion to celebrate life and the living and are interspersed with legends and anecdotes that help us recall the significance of the event.

Do our food habits impact our health? Our ancients prescribed a variety of diet to be followed during different seasons according to different body types to enjoy wholesome health. We are now coming full circle and delving vigorously into the past to seek answers to many present day health problems. Just as food and entertainment is necessary for the body so are mantras and prayers to nourish the soul. This section helps us connect with divinity to help us lead a peaceful life free from stress and tension.
Our life is a journey from start to finish and there are sixteen samskaras or rituals that govern the life of a Hindu which begins even at the womb.
All these have a deep significance as also the various rituals associated with marriage. Know in detail about each one of these in this section. Are you curious to know the significance of various customs? There is a meaning behind every ritual like ringing the bell at a temple or adorning the doorstep of our homes with rangoli or patterns. Knowing the meaning transforms every ordinary chore into a lofty offering. Read the articles in this section to know more about the reason behind various customs. The significance of various symbols that represent our religion like the Linga, lotus, swastika, rudraksha etc is explained under the relevant section.
While rituals are performed by individuals, sacrifices were conducted for the collective good of the world. What is the meaning of a yajna? Sanatana Dharma as our religion is called believes in the maxim LOKA SAMASTA SUKHINOH BHAVANTU that is may the entire world be happy. This is the all encompassing thought behind conducting sacrifices to various deities. This in essence is the signature thought propagated by the Vedic lifestyle.