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îy¡ ðpO"z G"r\" ðpZQpu \"R"êX"pS"# ðpO"z `uX"SO"pIF>O"X"s \"_"SO"pS"o$

ðpO"{X"Sçp[BS" _"{\"O"p V"w`_T"{O"# ðpO"pY"s^"p `{\"^"uX"z T"sS"Qlê#$ $

Om shatam jeeva sharado vardhamaanah shatam hemantaanchatamu vasantaan.

Shatam indragni savita brihaspatih shatayusha havishemam punarduhuh

O Child! May you prosper, may you live for a hundred springs, summers and

winters. May Ishwar, all knowing, all pervading, the source of all knowledge and

energy that support this entire universe, grant you material, intellectual and

spiritual sustenance for one hundred years again and again.

_"pBpøz \"^"êðpO"z G"r\" {T"V", A"pQ E" X"puQ E"$

ìpY"sêV"“z Y"ðp# T"øc"pz, T"øpTO"sY"p# ðpsW"_"XT"QpX"o$ $

Saagram varshshatam jeeva piba, khhaada cha moda cha

Aayurbalam yashaha pragyaa praptuyaah shubhasampadaam.

May you live for a hundred years, eat well and enjoy life. May you live long

and ever grow in physical strength, intellect, wisdom and material prosperity

attaining fame and glory in all your endeavors.

òSç Üpøu^K>p{S" ç{\"NppS"r R"u{`, {E"[OO"z Qb"_Y" _"sW"BpO\"X"_X"$

T"pu^"z ZY"rNppX"qZ{^J>z O"S"tS"p, _\"pQoX"pS"z \"pE"# _"s{QS"O\"X"¢S"pX"$ $

Indra shreshthani dravinani dhehi, chittim dakshasya subhagatvamasya.

Posham rayeenamrishtim tanunaam, svadamanam vachah sudinatvamahnaam

O Ishwar! Please grant this child the best of knowledge, wealth, strength and courage.

Grant him alertness and caution, good fortune, boundless prosperity, health, life free

from obstacles and sweetness of voice. May every day of this child’s

life be auspicious.