Aaditya Hridayam – Soorya Namaskaara

Aaditya Hridayam – Soorya Namaskaara


‘Asaavaadityo Brahma’ (This Sun is Brahma, Paramaatmaa).  Thus declares the worshipper of Gaayatree every day at dawn and dusk. Gaayatree is the Chaitanyam (consciousness or energy) of the sun, which is Paramaatmaa present in sun’s sphere.  Shatarudri or Rudram describes the glory of sun and states that Sun is the visible God, in the reach of everyone be he unlettered or learned, young or old, man or woman, city-dweller or forest-dweller. Bhagawaan Krishna says in Bhagavad Gita “Know that the energy in the sun which illuminates the universe is mine (of Paramaatma)” (B.G.15-12).

Aaditya Hridayam is an invocation to Paramaatmaa, who exists in the heart of the Sun in the form of energy, which is responsible for the creation, sustenance and ultimate dissolution of the universe. It consists of 31 shlokas which were given to Shree Rama by Rishi Agastya. It is in the form of adoration of the qualities and enormous power of the sun. By repeating this stotra everyday with devotion and understanding, the worshipper will be blessed with health, wealth, power and success in this world and liberation from the cycle of births and deaths ultimately.

Bhagawaan is the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the universe (Srishti). Only intelligent people can visualize him. For an ordinary person, he is beyond comprehension.  Stationed at the centre of solar family, sun provides the needed energy in the form of heat, light etc. for the living beings on earth. In fact he is the source of creation on earth. Without sun there could be no earth, no life and no creation as we see. Sun guides everyone and provides all he needs to sustain life. Sun protects and nourishes life on earth. ‘Aarogyam Bhaaskaraadicchhet’ (Pray to Sun for health) is a well-known saying, which points to the fact that a worshipper of sun will always be healthy.

After a strenuous fight continuously for a day and night Ravana and Rama were both extremely tired. Both found the enemy too strong to overpower. The charioteer of Ravana drove away the chariot aside to give rest to Ravana and to the horses. Rama too was tired and a little depressed too, not knowing how he could kill the enemy, who was also an expert in warfare. At that time, Rishi Agastya came there and instructed Rama with the most powerful Aaditya Hridayam.  He told Rama that he would be victorious by reciting it thrice. This stotra appears in 105th Sarga of Yuddhakaanda inValmiki Ramayana.

Here is a procedure for the daily recitation of Aaditya Hridayam.

Aachamya—(Sipping water thrice from the palm)

Asya Shree Aaditya Hridaya Stotrasya Agastyarishih Anushtup Chhandah Aaditya Hridayabhooto Bhagawaan Brahmaa Devataa Sarvatra Jayasiddhau Cha Viniyogah|


Rashmimate Angushtaabhyaam Namah

Samudyate Tarjaneebhyaam Namah

Devaasura Namaskrutaaya Madhyamaabhyaam Namah

Vivasvate Anaamikaabhyaam Namah

Bhaaskaraaya Kanishthikaabhyaam Namah


Rashmimate Hridayaaya Namah

Samudyate Shirase Swaahaa

Devaasura Namaskrutaaya Shikhaayai Vashat

Vivasvate Kavachaaya Hum

Bhaaskaraaya Netratrayaaya Vaushat

Om Bhoorbhuvaswah Tatsavitur Varenyam Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi Dhiyoyonah Prachodayaat||

Aaditya Hridaya Paathah

1.    Tato Yuddha Parishraantam Samare Chintayaa Sthitam|

Raavanam Chaagrato Drishtvaa Yuddhaaya Samupasthitam||

Raama-Raavana war was being   fiercely   fought.  Raama was tired and a little depressed too.  Raavana, though equally tired, was standing in front of Raama getting ready for the fight.

2.    Daivataischa Samaagamya Drashtumabhyaagato Ranam|

Upagamyaabraveed Raamamagastyo Bhagawaamstadaa||

Observing the situation, Rishi Agastya who had come there along with Devas to witness the battle, approached Raama and spoke to him thus.

3.    Raama Raama Mahaabaaho Shrunu Guhyam Sanaatanam|

Yena Sarvaanareen Vatsa Samare Vijayishyase||

Raama, my boy, listen to this ancient and secretly guarded stotra, by which you will be victorious over all enemies in the war.

4.    Aaditya Hridayam Punyam Sarva Shatru Vinaashanam|

Jayaavaham Japam Nityamakshayam Paramam Shivam||

The name of this secret  stotra is Aaditya Hridayam.  It is sacred. It destroys all enemies. By reciting this everyday, one is blessed with success.  It is ever-existing, indestructible and most auspicious.

5.    Sarvamangalamaangalyam Sarvapaapapranaashanam| Chintaashokaprashamanam aayurvardhanamuttamam||

This stotra is the giver of the most auspicious of auspicious things, destroyer of all sins, remover of all kinds of mental or physical agony and best bestower of long life.

6.    Rashmimantam Samudyantam Devaasuranamaskrutam|

Poojayasva Vivasvantam Bhaaskaram Bhuvaneshwaram||

Bhagawaan Soorya  is glorious with his innumerable rays of light.  Everyday he rises (on the horizon giving light and activating  living beings).  He is paid obeisance by Devas and Asuras (besides human beings).  Worship him who is called Vivaswaan, the source of light and lord of the entire universe.

7.    Sarvadevaatmako Hyesha Tejasvee Rashmibhaavanah|

Esha Devaasuraganaamllokaan Paati Gabhastibhih||

This sun is 0f the form of all gods (heavenly beings).  He is Tejasvee (the source of all light).  He induces strength and inspires all living beings to action by spreading light all over, (Rashmibhaavanah). He protects communities of  Devas, Asuras and all worlds through the agency of rays of light.

8.    Esha Brahmaacha Vishnuscha Shivah Skandah Prajaapatih|

Mahendro Dhanadah Kaalo Yamah Somo Hyapaampatih||

He is Brahmaa the creator, Vishnu the sustainer, Shiva  the auspicious, (destroyer at the time of dissolution), Kaartikeya son of Shiva, Prajapati, created by Brahma to boost creation,  Mahendra the lord of Devas and the lord of the east direction, Kubera  the lord nine treasures and the lord of the north direction,   Kaala the boundless Time, Yama the lord of justice and of the south direction, Moon the source of nourishment to vegetation and Varuna the lord of seas and of western direction.

9.    Pitaro Vasavah Saadhyaa Ashwinau Maruto Manuh|

Vaayurvahnih Prajaah Praana Ritukartaa Prabhaakarah||

He is Pitrudevas (departed souls), the eight Vasus, Saadhyas, the two Ashwinis the physicians of Devas, the 49 Maruts (winds), Manu the lord of created beings, Wind god, Fire god, the created beings, the life in them, the maker of seasons and the treasure for light.

10.  Aadityah Savitaa Sooryah Khagah Pooshaa Gabhastimaan|

Suvarnasadrisho Bhaanurhiranyaretaa Diwaakarah||

He is Aaditya (son of Aditi), Savitaa (the creator of universe), Soorya (who pervades all), Khaga (who moves in the sky), Gabhastimaan (one who possesses light), shining like gold, Bhaanu (shining with rays of light), Hiranyaretaa (the seed for creation) and Divaakara (the maker of day time).

11.  Haridashwah Sahasraarchih Saptasaptirmareechimaan|

Timironmathanah Shambhustwashtaa Maartandako’mshumaan||

He is Haridashwa (one who pervades in all directions),  Sahasraarchi (of innumerable rays of light), Saptasarpi (one having seven horses to his chariot), Mareechimaan (one having rays of light), Timironmathana ( destroyer of darkness), Shambhu (source of auspiciousness), Twashtaa ( remover of distress), Maartandaka (giver of life to the universe), Amshumaan (one having rays of light),

12.  Hiranyagarbhah Shishirastapano’haskaro Harih|

Agnigarbho’diteh Putrah Shankhah Shishiranaashanah||

He is Hiranyagarbha (Brahmaa, the creator), Shishira (giver of comforts by nature), Tapana (generator of heat), Ahaskara (creator of day time), Ravi (praiseworthy by all), Agnigarbha (one having fire internally), Aditiputra, Shankha (One whose form is being blissful and all-pervasive), Shishiranaashana (destroyer of cold).

13.  Vyomanaathastamobhedee Rigyajussamapaaragah|

Ghanavrishtirapaam Mitro Vindhyaveetheeplavangamah||

He is Vyomanaatha ( lord of the sky), Tamobhedee (destroyer of darkness), scholar of vedas Rig, Yajus and Saama, Ghanavrishti (the root cause of heavy rain), Apaam Mitra (friend or creator of water), Vindhyaveethee Plavangama (one who travels fast in the sky).

14.  Aatapee Mandalee Mrityuh Pingalah Sarvataapanah|

Kavirvishvo Mahaatejaa Raktah Sarvabhavodbhavah||

He is Aatapee (one who generates heat and light), Mandalee (having the form of a sphere), Mrityu (one who causes the end, death), Pingala (of reddish brown colour), Sarvataapana (one who causes distress to all by his heat), Kavi (one who can see happenings of the past, present and future), Vishwa (of the form of universe ), Mahaatejasvee (of great lustre), Rakta (of red colour), Sarvabhavodbhava (the source of creation of all beings).

15.  Nakshatragrahataaraanaamadhipo Vishwabhaavanah|

Tejasaamapi Tejasvee Dwaadashaatman Namo’stu Te||

He is the lord of stars, planets etc. , Vishwabhaavana (the protector and nourisher of the created universe), the most lustrous among the lustrous, Dwaadashaatmaa (one who appears in twelve forms).  Sooryadeva, I bow down to you.

16.  Namah Poorvaaya Giraye Paschimaayaadraye Namah|

Jyotirganaanaam Pataye Dinaadhipataye Namah||

Salutations to the Eastern mountain where sun rises and the western mountain where he sets. Salutations to the lord of stars and planets and the lord of the day-time.

17.  Jayaaya Jayabhadraaya Haryashwaaya Namo Namah|

Namo Namah Sahasraamsho Aadityaaya Namo Namah||

Salutations to Jaya (the giver of victory), Jayabhadraa (giver of auspiciousness along with victory), Haryashva (whose chariot is drawn by  horses of green colour), Sahasraamsha (having innumerable rays of light), Aaditya the son of Aditi.

18.  Nama Ugraaya Veeraaya Saarangaaya Namo Namah|

Namah Padmaprabodhaaya Prachandaaya Nam’ostu Te||

Salutations to you, who is Ugra (ferocious for sinful people), Veera (heroic), Saaranga (having fast movement) , who makes the lotus blossom and whose form  is most terrifying,

19.  Brahmeshaanaachyuteshaaya Sooraayaadityavarchase|

Bhaasvate Sarvabhakshaaya Raudraaya Vapushe Namah||

Salutations to you, the lord of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha, Soora, Aadityavarchas (of the form of a sphere of light and heat), Bhaasvaan (shining), Sarvabhaksha (of the form of Agni who burns down everything) and one capable of taking a terrible form.

20.  Tamoghnaaya Himaghnaaya Shatrughnaayaamitaatmane|

Kritaghnaghnaaya Devaaya Jyotishaam Pataye Namah||

You destroy darkness, snow, enemies and ungrateful people. Your form is immesurable.  You are lustrous. You are the lord of shining stars etc.  Salutations to you.

21.  Taptachaameekaraabhaaya Haraye Vishwakarmane|

Namastamo’bhinighnaaya Ruchaye Lokasaakshine||

Your lustre is of the colour of pure gold.  You are destroyer of ignorance.  You are Vishwakarmaa (the creator of universe).  You are destroyer of darkness and giver of light.  You are the witness to everything that is done or happens in the world.  Salutations to you.

22.  Naashayatyesha Vai Bhootam Tameva Srijati Prabhuh|

Paayatyesha Tapatyesha Varshatyesha Gabhastibhih||

Raama, this sun is responsible for the destruction and creation of  all living beings,  He protects, provides heat  and rain through his rays.

23.  Esha Supteshu Jaagarti Bhooteshu Parinishthitah|

Esha Chaivaagnihotram Cha Phalam Chaivaagnihotrinaam||

This one keeps awake staying in the hearts all living beings as Antaryaamee, while they are asleep.   He is the  Fire (Agni) worshipped by Agnihotrees and also the fruit of their austerities.

24.  Devaascha Kratavaschaiva Kratoonaam Phalameva Cha|

Yaani Krityaani Lokeshu Sarveshu Paramaprabhuh||

(In the performance of Yajnaas)  he is all the deities, the act of yajnaas and the fruit of their performance.  He is  the competant lord to grant the fruits of all actions done in all the worlds.

25.  Enamaapatsu Kricchhreshu Kaantaareshu Bhayeshu Cha|

Keertayan Purushah Kaschinnaavaseedati Raaghava||

Raama, one who praises the glory of this one in situations of danger or  distress, while going in a forest or afflicted by fear, will not be subjected to suffering.

26.  Poojayasvenamekaagro Devadevam Jagatpatim|

Etat Trigunitam Japtvaa Yuddheshu Vijayishyati||

Raama, worship this god of gods, the lord of universe with concentrated mind.  By repeating this Stotra (Aaditya Hridayam) thrice, you will be victorious in the war.

27.  Asmin Kshane Mahaabaaho Raavanam Tvam Jahishyasi|

Evamuktvaa Tato’gastyo Jagaama Sa Yathaagatam||

Oh the great warrior, you will kill Raavana this moment itself.  Thus having Said, Agastya departed as suddenly as he had come.

28.  Etacchhrutvaa Mahaatejaa Nashtashoko’bhavat Tadaa|

Dhaarayaamaasa Supreeto Raaghavah Prayataatmavaan||

Having got the instruction from Agastya, the mighty lord got over the earlier depression at once. Raama received Aaditya Hridayam with a pleased and concentrated mind.

29.  Aadityam Prekshya Japtvedam Param Harshamavaaptavaan|

Triraachamya Shuchirbhootvaa Dhanuraadaaya Veeryavaan||

He did Aachaman (sipping water from one’s palm) thrice, became pure and  repeated Aaditya Hridayam  thrice looking at the sun.  Then the powerful Raama became enthused and lifted up his bow (getting ready to fight).

30.  Raavanam Prekshya Hrishtaatmaa

Jayaartham Samupaagamat|

Sarvayatnena Mahataa

Vritastasya Vadhe’bhavat||

Looking at Raavana, Raama approached him with a determination and thorough preparation to kill him and  achieve victory.

31.  Atha Raviravadannireekshya Raamam

Muditamanaah Paramam Prahrishyamaanah|

Nishicharapatisamkshayam Viditvaa

Suraganamadhyagato Vachastvareti||

At that time, Sun who was present in the sky amidst the Devas felt extremely happy.  Knowing that the end of Raavana was near, he looked at Raama and told him to make haste and finish the task.

Along with the recitation of Aaditya Hridayam, it is advisable to do namaskaaras (salutations) to the sun in the prescribed form, uttering the following mantras. The number of Soorya Namaskaaras can be fixed according to one’s own physical capacity.  However one round consists of 13 namaskaaras.

Soorya Namaskaara

       Dhyeyah Sadaa Savitrumandalamadhyavartee

      Naaraayanah  Sarasijaasanasannivishtah

      Keyooravaan  Makarakundalavaan  Kireetee

Haaree  Hiranmayavapur  Dhritshankhachakrah

[I meditate always upon Narayana who is shining, at the centre of the Sun along with Brahma, the creator and who is adorned with Keyura (ornaments of the upper arms), Makara Kundala (ornaments of the ear), a crown, garlands, Shankha (conch), Chakra (discus) and who shines like pure gold.]

Aum  Mitraaya Namah Salutations to the friend of all
Aum  Ravaye Namah Salutations to the shining one
Aum  Sooryaaya Namah Salutations to the one who induces activity
Aum  Bhaanave Namah Salutations to the one who illumines
Aum  Khagaaya Namah Salutations to the one who moves quickly in the sky
Aum  Pooshne Namah Salutations to the giver of strength
Aum Hiranya Garbhaaya Namah Salutations to the Golden Cosmic Self
AumMareechaye Namah    Salutations to the Lord of dawn
Aum Adityaaya Namah       Salutations to the son of Aditi
Aum  Savitre Namah Salutations to the benevolent creator
Aum  Arkaaya Namah Salutations to the one who is praiseworthy
Aum Bhaaskaraya Namah Salutations to the one who leads to enlightenment
Aum Shri Savitru Soorya Naaraayanaaya Namah Salutations to the Sun god

After doing Soorya Namaskaara the following Shloka can be recited.

Aadityasya  Namaskaaraan Ye  Kurvanti  Dine  Dine

Dirghamaayur  Balam  Veeryam Tejasteshaam  Cha Jaayate

[Those who perform Soorya Namaskaaras every day will be blessed with long life, strength, prowess and a shining personality.]


Aum Dyauh Shaantirantarikshagwam Shaantih Prithivee Shaanti Raapah Shaanti Roshadhayah Shaantir Vanaspatayah Shaantir Vishwe Devaah Shantir Brahma Shaantih Sarvam Shantih Shaantireva Shaantih Saa Maa Shaantiredhi Aum Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih.

[Aum.  May there be peace in the outer space.  May there be peace in the sky.   May there be peace on the earth, in water, in plants and trees.  May there be peace in Brahma, (in all creation).  May that peace enhance peace in me.]

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