Adityahrudayam is a Hindu devotional mantra dedicated to Lord Surya, the god of Sunday, and the importance of reciting this Sloka was mentioned in Ramayana. As per the advice of the great sage Agastya, this mantra was recited by Lord Rama during the Lanka war. Due to that, he won in the war, and killed Ravana. In this sloka, the greatness of the Sun god is mentioned, and also about his good qualities, his supreme powers and his knowledge are also mentioned.

Lord Surya gives light to all the living beings in the entire universe. He is the one who does his work in a selflessness manner. Due to his grace, food crops are getting harvested properly, and we are able to eat our food happily.

Apart from Lord Rama, many ancient kings used to recite this precious stotra, and as a result, they had won in the battles. By chanting this sloka, we would get the grace of his sons, Lord Yama, the death god, Lord Shani Dev, the god of justice, and also we would get the grace of Lord Hanuman, the disciple of Lord Surya.

This stotra must be recited generally in the early morning. Chanting this sloka would give us lot of benefits in our life.

Some of the benefits in chanting this stotra are as follows:-

  1. We would get relieved from eye related problems.
  2. We would get a healthy body and a sound mind.
  3. We can acquire good knowledge through the grace of Lord Surya Bhagavan.
  4. Our mind would be filled up with full of happiness, and tensions and worries would run away.
  5. We would be able to find solutions for any kind of problems in our life.
  6. We would become a rich person in our life.
  7. We would shine brightly in our life.
  8. We would get divine enlightenment.
  9. We would get good fortunes in our life.

We can chant the Aditya Hrudaya Stotra in the Navagraha shrines of the temples.

Let us worship Lord Surya Bhagavan and be blessed.