Almighty Is Always Mighty

Lord Krishna



Almighty is always mighty. He contains great powers, and through that, he is controlling the entire universe. The great Lord Krishna has incarnated in this earth, to establish the Dharma in this world, and to guide the people to follow the path of righteousness in their life. He gave several advices to the people, and shown his kindness to all the living beings in the earth like cows, deer, rabbits, peacock and parrots etc.

In our present day life, we are suffering from virus fevers, body ache and mental instability etc. Some people are somehow able to manage their life, by adopting the bhakti path and by way of living a simple life, and due to that they are able to live their life, without much worries and tensions. But most of people are running behind riches and comforts, since they are making long term plans for their future. Earning money by way of honest means is really appreciable. But, paying too much attention only on saving wealth is not recommendable, since our life is uncertain, and we may die at any time. Apart from our official duties, we must allocate some time to worship the god, and to thank him for giving this valuable life. People can give a part of their wealth to the poor people, and can do lot of social welfare activities.

We must have to realize that we have born in this earth only for doing good things to others, and to avoid the bad thoughts in our minds. Those who suffer from problems used to curse the almighty, and they would blame the god, for their own sufferings. The great almighty had sent his avatars and holy saints to this earth, and they have taught us many good things, which must be followed by us in our daily life. The main intention of God’s creation of human beings is to realize the almighty, helping others, and living a pious life.

Ancient kings are given their lives to protect their people. They have built lot of temples by keeping great bhakti on the almighty. Most of the ancient people used to pray the almighty regularly, and they never curse the almighty for their own problems, and hence they lived a healthy life for many years. We must also adopt good habits like patience, courage, generosity and kindness in our life, to lead a happy and a comfortable life permanently.