AMMAN SARILet’s cheerfully offer Sari to our Holy mother, Ma Shakti Devi, who is also fondly called as “AMMAN”, mostly by the South Indian devotees. The Sari found in the attached picture is that of my Kula Devi, Ma Angalamman, and the Silk Sari worn by her was presented by me and it was adorned on January 6th, 2023, which was supposed to be a (Full Moon) Pournami Friday and it was also The Sacred Thiruvadirai Festival day.

The Sari which was adorned to Amman for so many times, would be usually sold at auction in the Amman Temples, and such kind of practice can be found in Amman Temples like Tiruverkadu, Mangadu and in Kalikambal Temples. Those who choose the sari at the highest auction price would be given to them, and the buyers would consider the sari as if they have received the Sari directly from the hands of the Holy Amman. Some women used to select the Sari for the festivals like Diwali and Pongal after visiting the Amman Temples, in order to choose a proper Sari for them by noticing the Sari present in the Amman deity!

People can also offer Sari to their Kuladevi on the auspicious festival days like Vijayadasami, Diwali and during Aadi Fridays.

Sometimes Ma Shakti Devi used to appear in the dreams of her staunch devotees, and also used to insist them to offer silk Sari to her, since the holy mother is always interested to get those things only from the hands of her sincere devotees!

As per the words of Lord Krishna, “I am ready to accept even a small piece of Tulsi leaf from my Devotee”, likewise, Ma Shakti Devi also wilfully accepts even a cheap cotton sari from her devotees, since she never consider the value of the items, but she used to consider only about their true faith and bhakti. Even poor devotees can offer a cotton sari to our holy Amman, since it would not cost much, and it can be pleasingly adorned to the Amman deity.

At this present Kaliyuga, we can find great happiness only by the way of pleasing the almighty, and one such act is to glorify Ma Shakti Devi by the way of offering her much interested item, “SARI”.