Ancient Divine Women




Women are considered as the holy creations of the almighty, and they are considered as the incarnations of Mata Shakti Devi. Women shines well in their career path, and they are getting good jobs through their efficiency. They are considered equivalent to men in all aspects, and today’s women have achieved a lot in their life, and most of the young girls are trying to enrol themselves in professional courses, for getting a bright future.

According to Hindu scriptures, ancient women are considered as very pure and chaste. Some great women rishis are also mentioned in the Vedas, due to their good knowledge in the divine subjects. Ancient popular female personalities include deities such as Sita, Druapati, Rukmani and many more. The following are the details of some of the ancient chaste and holy divine women.

  1. Sita is considered as the incarnation of Mata Bhudevi, and she lived as a dutiful wife of Lord Rama.
  2. Kunti is a chaste and a very holy and pious woman, whose devotion to Lord Krishna cannot be mentioned in words. She used to pray to Lord Krishna, to give problems to her, in order to remember him for ever in her life. She is such a kind of noble woman.
  3. Damayanti is the wife of Nala, and even during the time of her separation with her husband, she patiently waited for his arrival.
  4. Savitri – Through his good nature, and by showing bhakti on Lord Yama Dharma Bhagavan, she saved her husband from the clutches of Lord Yama, the Death God.
  5. Andal is the avatar of Mata Bhudevi, and her bhakti on Lord Vishnu is highly praised by the great saints. Through her sincere bhakti, she merged with Lord Vishnu.
  6. Akka Mahadevi (12th century) – A famous woman saint who used to cover her body only with her hair. She was highly devoted to Lord Shiva, and she was considered as a chaste, pure and an excellent woman, and she lived a simple life by consuming only the Prasad of Lord Shiva in the Shiva temples, used to sing songs on Lord Shiva, and used to keep a small Shiva Linga in her hands. Her bhakti on Lord Shiva is unimaginable and unthinkable in this present day world.
  7. Mirabai was a great saint, and though she was born in a royal family, she left her palace, and visited lot of holy temples of Lord Krishna, sung songs in praise of Lord Krishna, and finally merged with Krishna.
  8. Mata Draupadi was born out of the sacrificial fire in King Drupada’s court, and later she became the wife of the five Pandava brothers. She showed great love and affection to her consorts, and lived as a dutiful wife. She got great bhakti on Lord Krishna, and due to that, Krishna had saved her during the times of her difficulties. Draupati is also known as Panchali, and lot of temples are dedicated throughout India, since she is considered as an incarnation of Parvati Ma.