Anything Can Be Made Possible With The Grace Of The God




Anything can be made possible through the grace of the almighty. If god wants to do favours in our life, then nobody can stop that. Actually god always wants us to maintain happiness and peacefulness in our lives, but due to our ignorance, and our disinterest or showing less importance in worshipping him, we are suffering in our lives. From various holy books, we can understand how the gods and the saints have helped their devotees to get back their stolen articles and also to restore the lives of their parents, relatives and their well-wishers.

The great saint, Sri Sadhasiva Brahmendral once had mistakenly entered into the royal palace of a Mughal princess. And for that, his hand had been amputated. Even after that, he didn’t get any pain, and he immediately attached his amputated hand on its place, and began walking by singing songs on Lord Shiva. He has got such a great Shiva Bhakti, which we are not having. If we also keep Bhakti on the almighty, then there is no need to worry about our body, and about our soul. Everything would act in a nice manner. But instead of keeping bhakti on the almighty, even for our small, small worries, we are cursing the god, and losing interest in showing attention on him. Various Sages and saints have got enlightened only after performing severe penance on the almighty. But at this present situation, even if we chant the names of the god at least for a few times regularly,that itself would please the Lord, and he would do wonders in our life.

The Shaivite saints had faced lot of troubles in their lives, and Lord Shiva has tested them several times. But they didn’t lose hope and developed strong bhakti on Lord Shiva, and as a result they are living in the Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva. Similarly King Harichandra was badly tested by Rishi Viswamitra, but even then he remained as a strict honest person, and as a result, still now, he is residing in the Swarka Loka, and enjoying all sorts of comforts in his life.

If we also want to permanently dwell in the divine worlds, we must develop strong faith on the almighty and the great saints like Guru Raghavendra and Shirdi Saibaba, and must always keep it in our mind that, “ANYTHING CAN BE MADE POSSIBLE WITH THE GRACE OF THE GOD”.