Best quotes of Osha



Rajneesh (20th century AD) also known as Osho, was a self-proclaimed Guru, and he was the founder of the Rajneesh movement. His birth name was Chandra Mohan.

During his lifetime, he travelled throughout India and spoke about lot of social issues. Rajneesh didn’t like the religious customs, traditions, beliefs and sentiments, but he had shown more interest in doing meditation, loving others and developing universal brotherhood amongst the people.

He also insisted to implement the sex education in the school and college subjects, in order to get a better idea about the sex education, and also to avoid sex related crimes in the society. His teachings were accepted especially by the people belonging to foreign countries, and he is considered as a controversial modern guru with different ideas.

Some of the best quotes of Osho are as follows:-

If you love a flower, like it, and admire it beauty, but don’t cause damage to the flower.

Experience only teaches lot of things in our life.

Sadness gives great will power.

Be like a sports ball, and never lose hope                            on anything in your life.

A creative mind would do lot of wonders.

True Friendship must be maintained with our friends.

Remove the darkness by lighting the lamp of wisdom in your life.

Walk, walk and continuously keep walking in your life journey.

Be a realistic person.

Don’t aim to act like others, believe in yourself, and then you would surely win in your tasks.

Each person is born in this earth to serve some purpose, hence, utilise your birth in a proper manner, and try to do lot of challengeable activities.

Sometimes you may feel good, and sometimes as bad, it all depends on how you strengthen your mind.

Creativity exists in all the people, but they should exhibit it in action.

Intelligence can be gained only through your own efforts.

Remove the tears of the sufferers and help them as much as possible. Then they will see the face of the god in you.

Don’t cry due to your problems, instead of that, think a lot, and then you can find lot of good solutions to your problems.

If you do lot of good deeds in your life, then automatically you would prosper in your life.

Don’t rely blindly on others, think that you are the supreme hero, and do your work by yourself.