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Swami Parthasarathy




Parthasarathy, also called as Swami Parthasarathy was born in the year 1927 is a Religious Preacher and a Vedic scholar. He has written few spiritual books, and it received wide recognition from the readers. He contains good academic qualifications, and he dedicated most part of his life towards preaching the Hindu philosophies, Vedanta and Bhagawad Gita among the public. Big personalities used to seek his spiritual advice in their daily life, and he also used to give lectures in Big Corporate Houses, and due to that, he is known as “CORPORATE GURU”.

Even at his ripe old age of 93 years, Still Swamiji looks very healthy and active, and he is regularly doing yoga and meditation. He is also interested in sports like Cricket, and he is having good knowledge in sports field.

He is the founder of Vedanta Academy for teaching Vedic subjects to the Indian and Foreign students. His daughter Sunanda Parthasarathy is also shining brightly in the Spiritual field similar to her father Parthasarathy, and she actively walks on the foot-steps of her father, and similar to her father, she is also still giving valuable spiritual lectures to the spiritual aspirants and spiritual enthusiasts. 

Some of the best quotes of Swami Parthasarathy are as follows:-

We can find immense happiness from our soul itself.

Love the great almighty, and submit your happiness and unhappiness under his feet.

We must give some rest for our mind, since too much of thinking would result in madness.

Do not lose the treasure of spirituality just for the sake of temporary sensual pleasures.

Spend your time productively, effectively and efficiently.

Richness and poverty is based on the desires of a person.

The world is a drama stage and we are all actors in that stage. Let us act in a best manner, as per the wishes of the god.

We must do our work happily and eagerly, or otherwise we would lose our interest in our job. 

Success or failures are based on how we handle the various situations in our life intelligently.

Don’t worship the god without any interest, offer your prayers to him in a whole heatedly manner.

Our intellectual skills can be increased by us based on our positive thoughts.

Make sure your organs in your body are properly functioning, since without proper health, you cannot survive in this world.

Our burning desires can be controlled only if we keep utmost faith on the god, and worship him sincerely. 

You can gain sufficient knowledge from your teachers and books. But apart from that, you should have a good memory and a sound mind, in order to attain permanent success in your life.

Keep your thoughts in a positive manner, and don’t allow unwanted thoughts to enter in your mind.

You have to be like a watch dog in your life. Even during your sleep, you should be alert, since at any time, anything may happen.

The world is fast moving. Hence, in this busy world, you have to properly plan for your future, and must act accordingly.

If you are having the sufficient stuff with you then you can come up well in your chosen career path.

Why fear when god is there.

Instead of worrying about the sufferings of the poor people, you can help them.

Don’t compare others with you. Everyone is differently created by the god. One may be specialized in a particular field, whereas the other one would be expert in some other field. It all depends on how we take things in our life positively.

Don’t expect to live the life of a king, and instead of that, try to lead the life of a normal person, then your mind will always be filled with full of happiness.

Share your joy with others.

Forget and forgive.

Listen to the spiritual discourses and follow the teachings of the Bhagawad Gita in your life.

Your life can be determined only by you.

Don’t get panic.

Be a kind-hearted, gentle and a soft spoken person.





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