Bhagavat Gita Precious Quotes By Lord Krishna




Bhagavad Gita is considered as a holy book for the Hindus, and since it contains the excellent teachings of Lord Krishna, we can confidently follow those teachings, and we can also find answers for most of our queries. Bhagavat Gita is the divine message given by Lord Krishna to the people in the entire world, and it also acts as divine guide for us. We can carry a copy of Bhagavat Gita with us during our travels, and we must have to give great respect to the holy book, Bhagavat Gita, similar to the Christians, Holy Bible, and the Muslim’s Holy Quran.

The divine teachings of Lord Krishna, not only attracts the people of India, but also large number of foreigners are attracted by it. Various authors have written the holy Bhagavat Gita in a simplified manner, and we can also go through the beautiful contents present in the Bhagavat Gita regularly.

The Bhagavad Gita is the extension of the great epic Mahabharata, and it is made in the form of questions and answers. Lord Krishna clarifies the doubts of Arjuna when he was uninterested in participating in the battle field, and during that time, Lord Krishna tells about the importance of performing his duties in the battle field as a warrior. Arjuna raised many questions to Krishna, and Krishna also patiently answered to all those questions. After hearing the divine recitation of the holy text, from the mouth of Bhagavan Krishna, Arjuna realised about the importance of performing his duties, bravely participated in the Kurukshetra war, and finally the Pandavas had won in the battle with the help of Lord Krishna.

Some of the precious quotes present in the Holy Bhagavat Gita are as follows:-

  1. While doing your duties, do it yourself, and don’t copy it from others.
  2. High level of expectation would destroy our mental peace.
  3. Bad activities would end up with destruction.
  4. Love others and show your affection on everybody.
  5. Self-control and Self-sacrifice must be followed by everyone.
  6. Do not praise about yourself, and instead of that, prove your skills by the way of your performance.
  7. Change is the one which cannot be changed by anyone.
  8. God has already given sufficient things to you, satisfy with the things what you have already with you, and don’t be greedy.
  9. Mind must be kept under control.
  10. Only your physical body is supposed to destroy after your death, and not your soul.
  11. Nothing you bring to this world during your birth, and nothing you are going to take with you during your death.
  12. Past, present and future happenings are already determined by the god, and you should accept it wilfully.
  13. Have limited number of desires in your life, and don’t pay too much attention on enjoying worldly pleasures in your life.
  14. Don’t think that your birth is waste believe that god has created you in order to serve for some good purpose.
  15. You should never postpone your duties, and you should always finish it fast.
  16. Fearing about death is of no use, since everyone born in this earth are supposed to attain death on some other day.
  17. Be like a brave roaring lion in front of your enemies, and win your enemies through your valour.
  18. Whenever you decides to help others, you have to do it in a whole heartedly manner.
  19. Live your life with full of freedom and at any time, don’t get fear.
  20. In your life, both happiness and sufferings would be there, since it is the laid down rules of the god.
  21. With a confused state of mind, you cannot do your work properly.
  22. Keep faith on me (Krishna), worship me from your soul and don’t get afraid of anyone.
  23. By chanting my names (Krishna), you would get great peace of mind, and at one point of time, you would attain my abode.
  24. During the time of death of your loved ones, don’t get upset, and instead of that, consider me (Krishna) as your beloved god, and then I would always be with you and protect you.
  25. You are only responsible for your own actions, and don’t blame on me (Krishna) for your own sufferings.