Budha Bhagavan Namavali



Budha graha is the planet Mercury.  Budha, is also a Hindu deity, and he is one among the Navagrahas.

He is called by various names such as Soumya, Rauhineya and Tunga. He is the god of Wednesday as per the Hindu calendar.

Budha is the famous navagraha and also the son of Lord Chandra and Tara (wife of Brahaspati, Jupiter planet). His wife name is Ila, and they had a son, known as Pururavas, who was the first king of the Lunar dynasty.

Budha is the great devotee of Lord Vishnu, and he contains the features of Vishnu.

He looks very handsome and wears yellow clothes and considered as a great demi god.

Wednesday is considered as the auspicious day, especially for doing good things, and to start a new business, construct a new house etc.

Thiruvenkadu Sri Swetharanyeswarar Temple is a famous place for worshipping of Lord Budha, and it is situated in Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. Devotees can perform Archanai and Abhishekham to Lord Budhan in order to get better prospects in their life.

In Chennai, Sri Sundareswarar Temple is very famous for worship of Lord                      Budhan and it is situated at Kovur, nearby porur.

Let us worship Lord Budhan by chanting his 108 marvellous names, and let us be blessed.

1) Om Budhaya Namah
2) Om Budharchitaya Namah
3) Om Saumyaya Namah
4) Om Saumyachittaya Namah
5) Om Shubhapradaya Namah
6) Om Dridhavrataya Namah
7) Om Dridhaphalaya Namah
8) Om Shrutijalaprabodhakaya Namah
9) Om Satyavasaya Namah
10) Om Satyavachase Namah

11) Om Shreyasam Pataye Namah
12) Om Avyayaya Namah
13) Om Somajaya Namah
14) Om Sukhadaya Namah
15) Om Shrimate Namah
16) Om Somavanshapradipakaya Namah
17) Om Vedavide Namah
18) Om Vedatattvashaya Namah
19) Om Vedantagyanabhaskaraya Namah
20) Om Vidyavichakshanaya Namah

21) Om Vidushe Namah
22) Om Vidvatpritikaraya Namah
23) Om Rijave Namah
24) Om Vishvanukulasancharaya Namah
25) Om Visheshavinayanvitaya Namah
26) Om Vividhagamasaragyaya Namah
27) Om Viryavate Namah
28) Om Vigatajvaraya Namah
29) Om Trivargaphaladaya Namah
30) Om Anantaya Namah

31) Om Tridashadhipapujitaya Namah
32) Om Buddhimate Namah
33) Om Bahushastragyaya Namah
34) Om Baline Namah
35) Om Bandhavimochakaya Namah
36) Om Vakrativakragamanaya Namah
37) Om Vasavaya Namah
38) Om Vasudhadhipaya Namah
39) Om Prasannavadanaya Namah
40) Om Vandyaya Namah

41) Om Varenyaya Namah
42) Om Vagvilakshanaya Namah
43) Om Satyavate Namah
44) Om Satyasankalpaya Namah
45) Om Satyabandhave Namah
46) Om Sadadaraya Namah
47) Om Sarvarogaprashamanaya Namah
48) Om Sarvamrityunivarakaya Namah
49) Om Vanijyanipunaya Namah
50) Om Vashyaya Namah

51) Om Vatangaya Namah
52) Om Vatarogahrite Namah
53) Om Sthulaya Namah
54) Om Sthairyagunadhyakshaya Namah
55) Om Sthulasukshmadikaranaya Namah
56) Om Aprakashaya Namah
57) Om Prakashatmane Namah
58) Om Ghanaya Namah
59) Om Gaganabhushanaya Namah
60) Om Vidhistutyaya Namah

61) Om Vishalakshaya Namah
62) Om Vidvajajanamanoharaya Namah
63) Om Charushilaya Namah
64) Om Svaprakashaya Namah
65) Om Chapalaya Namah
66) Om Jitendriyaya Namah
67) Om Udanmukhaya Namah
68) Om Makhasaktaya Namah
69) Om Magadhadhipataye Namah
70) Om Haraye Namah

71) Om Saumyavatsarasanjataya Namah
72) Om Somapriyakaraya Namah
73) Om Mahate Namah
74) Om Simhadhirudhaya Namah
75) Om Sarvagyaya Namah
76) Om Shikhivarnaya Namah
77) Om Shivankaraya Namah
78) Om Pitambaraya Namah
79) Om Pitavapushe Namah
80) Om Pitachchhatradhwajankitaya Namah

81) Om Khadgacharmadharaya Namah
82) Om Karyakartre Namah
83) Om Kalushaharakaya Namah
84) Om Atreyagotrajaya Namah
85) Om Atyantavinayaya Namah
86) Om Vishvapavanaya Namah
87) Om Champeyapushpasankashaya Namah
88) Om Charanaya Namah
89) Om Charubhushanaya Namah
90) Om Vitaragaya Namah

91) Om Vitabhayaya Namah
92) Om Vishuddhakanakaprabhaya Namah
93) Om Bandhupriyaya Namah
94) Om Bandhamuktaya Namah
95) Om Banamandalasamshritaya Namah
96) Om Arkeshananivasasthaya Namah
97) Om Tarkashastravisharadaya Namah
98) Om Prashantaya Namah
99) Om Pritisamyuktaya Namah
100) Om Priyakrite Namah

101) Om Priyabhushanaya Namah
102) Om Medhavine Namah
103) Om Madhavasaktaya Namah
104) Om Mithunadhipataye Namah
105) Om Sudhiye Namah
106) Om Kanyarashipriyaya Namah
107) Om Kamapradaya Namah
108) Om Ghanaphalashrayaya Namah




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