Control Of Senses



We can control our senses, only if we purify our mind. It can be controlled only through great efforts, and it is a never ending process. Only by adopting certain measures like doing meditation, yoga, worshipping the almighty from our heart, and also in the temples, performing puja and by singing divine songs on the almighty, we would be able to control our mind.

In the present world, we can see lot of crimes happening all over the world. Daily lot of murders, rapes and suicides are occurring. All these are happening due to non-controlling of our senses. Senses activate our body, and in course of time, it becomes our master, and as per its orders, our body also would function.  Our senses can also be controlled by eating simple vegetarian food without containing masala items, and onion and garlic can also be avoided in our food, since these items would mostly activate our senses.

We can also control our senses, by seeing the divine beauty of the deities, and especially Ma Durga Devi. If we see her idol for a few minutes, we would be very much attracted with her divine beauty, all of our evil thoughts would disappear from our mind, and we could also easily control our senses. Whenever we come across any females, in our eyes, they would appear similar to Ma Durga, and so that, we would become very pious and perfect in our life. The great Bhakta Prahalada though he was born in a demon family, has controlled his senses, due to his sincere bhakti on Lord Narasimha, a Vishnu Avatar.

Ancient sages have controlled their senses by consuming only greens and fruits as their food items. Some sages have consumed only water and lived for a long period of time with a good health. It is based on our resistance level and our bhakti on the almighty. All the religions preach us to control our senses, and ask us to lead a noble and a sin free life. The great Lord Jesus Christ once told to his followers in his teachings, to remove the lust from our mind. Suppose, if a person watches any woman with a bad intention, he must have to immediately pluck his eyes, so that the sin would not spread his entire body! What a great message he has conveyed to us!

Similarly, the great Prophet Mohammed has told to the people, not to do prostitution. And he warned the people, that doing such a kind of act is disliked by Allah, and they would be severely punished by the great Allah! Likewise lot of Hindu saints like Raghavendra Swami, Ramana and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa ask us to control our senses, by worshipping the god, and to follow the path of righteousness.