Criticism Against Sanatana Dharma




Sanatana Dharma talks about the importance of reading Vedas and worshipping of the great almighty, in order to attain salvation.

Sanatana Dharma asks us to worship the god through our soul. Without the help of the God we cannot attain Moksha. Everybody in this earth,                   are born out of their karmic deeds and we must have follow various methods in order to reach him. Through sincere bhakti we can easily reach his heavenly abode. By studying the holy Puranas and Vedas, we would get an idea to travel in the spiritual path.

In our Hindu Sanatana Dharma, women are given much importance than men. All the women are considered as the incarnations of Mata Shakti Devi, and they are highly praised in Puranas and Vedas. Ancient saintly women like Anusuya, Arunthathi, Vasuki and Akka Mahadevi are highly appreciated by the learned people, and they are also praised by the divine gods in the heaven, and as a result of their good karmic deeds, they are brightly shining as divine stars in the sky.

But without properly understanding the principles of Sanatana Dharma, some people are criticising it, and they are telling that women are not given much importance in Hinduism. In Hinduism, similar to male gods, women goddesses like Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati are given much importance, and they are considered equivalent to their consorts.

In our Hindu religion, no one is compelling us to visit to the temples and to worship the deities. Similar to other religious people, for us there is no need to worship the gods even in our homes. Based on our own interest only, we are visiting the temples. But some people are criticizing our Hinduism and Hindu deities, and especially our female deities like Shakti Devi. By teasing the holy goddesses, they would land up in big troubles like suffering from family problems, health related problems and financial issues etc.

Before talking about a particular god or goddess, they should know about the spiritual significance of the deities. Usually the almighty is very soft and gentle, and he is treating everybody as his own children, but if they keep on criticising him, then he would have to take his own actions, and due to that, they would be suffering like anything in their life.

Hence let us give respect to all the religions and to all the religious people, value their beliefs and sentiments and let us create universal brotherhood in India.