Importance Of Hindu Culture




Hindu Culture contains its own values and follows the ancient traditions, customs and values, and respects others. Hindu culture dates back to several centuries, and there is no vast changes in the culture. Even Hindus living in foreign countries, would adopt the Hindu culture, and would treat everyone as their friends. The following procedures are commonly followed by millions of Hindus in their life.

  1. Welcoming the guests at their home in a proper manner, and providing sufficient food items, and taking to them in a positive manner.
  2. Forgetting about the past bitter incidents, and welcoming even the enemies into their homes, and giving them a cup of tea.
  3. Showing great respect to the elders, and seek their blessings.
  4. Treating the parents with much respect, and taking care of them during their old age, and attending them patiently.
  5. Giving proper advices to the younger generations, and asking them to give respect to the elders.
  6. Strict observance of purity in mind and body, and performance of meditation and yoga.
  7. Performance of Vedic rituals during the functions and ceremonies, and giving sufficient money to the priests, as per their demand.
  8. Performance of Puja and Homams in the temples, doing Holy Prasad and offering it to the god, and performing Abhishekham to the temple deities in a pleasing manner.
  9. Showing Generosity, kindness and politeness to others.
  10. Helping others in times of need.
  11. Doing lot of charitable activities to the poor.
  12. Helps in maintenance, repairs and renovation of temples.
  13. Always speaks about useful and spiritual things, and unnecessary talks would be avoided.
  14. Maintenance of strict discipline and always speak truth, and act honestly and perfectly.

Hence, let us thank the god, for being born as a Hindu, and an Indian, and let us feel proud of it.