Basaveshwara (12th century AD), also known as Basavanna, was a Shaivite Saint and poet, and he was the foremost one, who promoted the “SHIVA BHAKTI MOVEMENT”, and he was also the founder of the Lingayat Sect. Basava was worshipped as the Divine Guru by his followers, and he is considered as an incarnation of “LORD NANDIKESWARAR” by the Lingayat Sect of people. He used to keep a small Shiva Lingam in his hand, during the time of worshipping Shiva, and he insists the Lingayat Sect of people to wear a Shiva Lingam Dollar on their body, in order to honour the great Lord Shiva. He lived a pious life, and he made his followers into pure and pious.

Basava was against caste discrimination, and he treated everyone as alike. He also built a Spiritual hall which is known as the Anubhava Mantapa for the purpose of conducting spiritual discussions. Few temples of Basavanna were also built in Karnataka, in order to sanctify the Divine person.


Live a noble life, don’t cheat others, and consider all the women as the holy incarnations of Ma Shakti Devi.

Work hard, Utilise your wealth properly, and share your excess wealth with others.

Never lose your faith on god, and show your sincerity on him.

God exists everywhere and he is the Supreme Master of the universe.

If you are interested to build a temple for Lord Shiva, and if you are unable to do it, then you can build a temple for him in your soul.

Consider your body similar to a temple, and maintain it properly.

Don’t steal, don’t tell lies, and never hurt anyone either physically or verbally.

There is no need to do meditation without food for days together. Just by reciting the Shiva Nama at least once itself, is sufficient to attain the glory of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva is within our reach, and he would be present before us during the times of our urgent call, but we have to worship him faithfully.

If we get the grace of Lord Shiva, then we can live a very happiest life, and we can joyfully spend our each and every second.

Don’t move with people based on their castes, treat everyone as alike, and give equal respect to everyone.

Don’t criticise the god for your own sufferings, since whatever you suffer is the result of your own deeds.

Show your utmost love and affection on everybody and don’t show enmity on others.

Days will go, and one day our life will also go, before that, do lot of sacred deeds in your life.

Regular chanting of Mantras would heal your diseases, and you would become a healthier person.




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