Camphor And Incense Sticks

Camphor & Incense Stick



Camphor (Karpoor) and incense Sticks (Agarbathies) are used while performing puja to the deities. Camphor and Agarbathies gives good smell and it occupies as a part and parcel in the lives of the Hindu devotees. Since Camphor is considered to create environment pollution, in most of the temples, Camphor is not lighted, and their usage in pujas in the temples is almost stopped, and instead of that, Oil and Ghee lamps are being lighted in most of the temples. Though oil and ghee lamps are preferred as safety materials, but still in most of the Hindu households, Camphors are lighted regularly along with Agarbathies while performing rituals and pujas to the deities.

It is also the fact that while burning the camphor the idols present in the temple would turn into black due to the chemical substance present in the Camphor, while Agarbathies are warmly welcomed in the temples and in the homes of the Hindus, since there is no complaint about it. And we can purchase Agarbathies from some small women vendors, who would offer lot of Agarbathies at an affordable rate to us, and by doing that good act, we are lighting lamps in the lives of those Vendors, and we can also see a happy smile on their face.

By burning these divine things, we can get fully united with the god and our bad habits like lust, anger and greed also would be removed at least to some extent from us, and we would get good peace of mind.

The flame of the camphor is believed to remove the negative energy from our mind, and it would boost lot of positive energy. While performing Deeparadhana using Camphor, our mind would totally surrender with the god, and at that time, we would not think about any unnecessary matters. After the completion of the puja, when the devotee touches his hands over the Camphor flame, he would get purity of mind, and all of the darkness would vanish from his mind, and thereafter his life would prosper.

At this difficult Kali Yuga, It is very difficult to run our life, even though, we possess good health and wealth, since, at any time, we could badly struck down in our life, and as a result, we would have to face lot of hardships in our life. Thinking always about the almighty, and worshipping him by various methods like showing Aarati to him by lighting Camphor and Incense Sticks would control even our bad fate, and in our life, we would never face any serious consequences.

By allocating some time towards worshipping the god, we could avoid suicides, accidents and murder deaths, since the great almighty would definitely lift us, hug us and he would keep us on his shoulders like his affectionate child during the times of our difficult situations.