Divinity is related to the almighty, and it gives good support in our life. By showing our love and affection on others is also considered as divinity, since all good activities would please the great almighty. Divinity can be found in the faces of the great sages, saints and avatars like Rama and Krishna. Divinity is a broad term, and it would cover all the holy and the saintly people who contain divine nature. If a person quenches the thirst of a tired traveller by providing a cup of drinking water, then we can find divinity in his face.

When a person shows kindness on his enemies also, then we can find divinity on him. Lord Rama had given lot of chances to Ravana to correct himself even in the battle field, and finally, when he refused to hand over Mata Sita to him, then only Rama got very angry with him, and killed. Even after that, he asked Ravana’s brother Vibhishana to finish the final rites of his brother. By proving his noble character, divinity prevailed in the face of Lord Rama, and he has shined like a sun. The great Bhakta Prahalada when he has given his entire good karmic deeds as donation to Lord Indra, his entire body glittered like a diamond, and from then onwards, he has also considered similar to a demigod.

If a person provides free food regularly in his home for lot of poor people, then the almighty would permanently stay in his home, and also would dwell in his heart, and thereafter he would become more divine through his noble deeds. When a person forgets and forgives the mistakes of others, then he is also considered as a pious and a divine person. Those who respects their parents, and provides proper food to them, and takes care of them during their old age, are very much liked by the almighty, and in the eyes of the god, they are treated as the divine persons.

Divine saints like Ramanuja, Madhwacharya and Adishankara had motivated the people through their spiritual advices, and also made them to come up in their lives. They have dedicated their entire lives on worshipping the almighty and also raised the standard of living of the people by making them to travel in the spiritual path, through their spiritual discourses, and, hence we can see a great divinity in these saints.