Dwadasi Annadanam




Performing annadanam is a sacred activity, and especially performing annadanam in temples/mutts on Dwadasi days is considered as a noble activity, since Ekadasi and Dwadasi days are the most favourite days to Lord Vishnu. Among the dwadasi days, Vaikunta Dwadasi day is considered as very auspicious for the Hindus, and performing annadanam during Vaikunta Dwadasi day would give good results in our lives. During Dwadasi and Pournami days, in Tiruvanamallai, private volunteers are providing tasty food to the travellers at the Girivalam path.

In Mantralayam, Dwadasi Annadanam is very famous, and during that day, delicious food items would be served to the devotees a little bit early than the normal days, after offering it as Neivedyam to Guru Raghavendra. In Puranas, we can read the significance of Dwadasi Annadanam. Dhruva and Prahalada used to provide food to all the people in their kingdom during Dwadasi days, after performing Vishnu puja in their palaces. Most of the Vaishnavite devotees would observe fasting during Ekadasi, and during Dwadasi they would eat whole some meals, in the morning session itself.

Ancient people who observe fasting on Ekadasi day, would get up early in the morning on Dwadasi day, and would provide sumptuous meals to the visitors at their homes, and they would eat food only after the guests finishes their food. But nowadays, some of the people are not interested to provide food to the guests, and they are not interested to provide food even to their close relatives. They have become selfish in nature, and they used to think only about them and their family. At least at this present period, we can pay some money to the temples and mutts, and we can sponsor food to the devotees during Dwadasi day.

Daily we are reading in newspapers that people are dying out of newly generated virus. There is no permanency in our life. We may die at any time. Hence at least during our life time, let us do good activities in order to generate good karma, and let us be blessed.