Females Are The Wonderful Creations Of Ma Shakti Devi




Females are the wonderful creations of Ma Shakti Devi, though there are lot of differences between the ancient women and the present day modern women. Ancient women dedicated their entire lives on devotion, and they spend most of their time for the well-being of their consorts, and their in-laws, and they even faced the insults of their husbands and their in laws patiently, and they never separated themselves from their life partners. But nowadays, things have been changed tremendously.

Due to the modern advanced technology, more and more women began to start going to the jobs, and due to that, some of them are finding it difficult to even worship the almighty. They can worship the almighty at least in their souls. Present day women are getting more and more mental strength and will-power, since they stand themselves on their own legs, and since, they are financially independent, they didn’t accept the insult of their consorts, and hence, they are even taking the advanced step of divorcing their husbands also. Nowadays, marriage life is purely based on give and take policy only. If the life partner is good, and if he behaves properly, then the wife is willing to do anything for him, but at the same time, if he behaves rudely and crudely, then the wife takes the extreme step of even separating herself from her husband. This may happen due to unfortunate situations also, like losing of job, developing bad habits and suffering from health related diseases like nervous diseases etc.

In general, we have to consider all the females as the incarnations of Ma Shakti Devi, and we must give proper respect to them. As per an ancient Tamil Song, proper rain would shower in the places where women are treated with much respect, and all the food crops would grow properly. We must always think that females suffers a lot in their lives,  like going to jobs similar to men, taking care of their husband and their in-laws, and looking after their children properly. Since they are bearing the maternity pain, and wilfully holding their child in their womb for a few months, they must be surely treated as worshipful mother goddesses.

Some women are excellently discharging their duties similar to men by working in space stations also, whereas some women like Smt.Vishaka Hari, Mrs.Jayanti Ramaiyer and Selvi Boomija are wonderfully performing divine music consorts in the temples and in the stages, in order to inculcate the “BHAKTI”, in the minds of the listeners, and they are doing their profession in a selfless manner, and they must be well appreciated by everyone.

Nowadays, even for small, small problems, couples are getting separated from each other, and this must be definitely avoided, by adopting the mantra, ADJUSTMENT, by both of them. Human life is too short, and instead of unnecessary separation, the couple can adjust with each other, and can lead a happy life by living together and this can be made possible, by regularly worshipping Ma Shakti Devi in our homes and in the temples, and by sanctifying her by uttering her divine mantras, performing pujas and doing meditation on her.

Worshipping Amman during Aadi month is considered as very important, especially by the newly married couples. They can visit the Amman temples during their free time, and can offer their sincere prayers to the holy mother Ma Shakti Devi, and they can also donate food and some new clothes to the poor and the down trodden people, in order to make their lives happier for ever.