God Would Never Cheat Us




Unlike humans, god would never cheat us. In fact, he would be like our true friend, would safeguard our belongings, and would never make us to shiver at any point of time. But if we plan to make any offerings to the almighty, we must do it after getting our prayers answered. Or otherwise the mischievous god would try to grab more and more money from us, and in return to that, he would grant us lot of Good Karma.

Actually god is always thinking about us only, and whenever we are in worrisome mood, god would also get worried about us. Since everything happens in this world based on our predetermined fate, it is not possible for him to completely change our fate, and due to that, sometimes we are suffering a lot in our life. And for that, we cannot blame the god, since even if god wishes to change our fate he cannot do so, since he would always act as per the principles of Dharma, and would never interfere with our fate.

In our human life, we are surrounded by lot of people, and sometimes, without our awareness, some people might cheat us, and due to that, we would suffer from financial loss as well as from mental disturbance. In such kind of situation, we have to pray to the great almighty, and must seek shelter on his holy feet.

In case of severe financial problems, we can also pray to Lord Venkateswara to overcome from our financial crisis, and if the god fulfils our prayers, then immediately we have to offer him some money to him in his Hundial. Lord Venkateswara would make even the non-believers of god as his sincere devotees, by performing lot of miracles in their lives.

Lord Krishna had cheated lot of people during his period, by the way of stealing their hearts with his lovely smile, and also he has stolen lot of butter from the homes of his neighbours. Hence in order to protect ourselves from the cheaters, let us pray to the great Lord Krishna to be with us throughout our life time.




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