God’s Anger



The anger of the god is reflected in the form of the dreaded CORONA VIRUS. This was mainly happened, due to lack of faith and bhakti on the almighty. In general, god would never show his anger towards his own creations, but if we ignore him, and move in a selfish manner, then he has to show his extreme powers, and would make us to realise him.
At the present situation of the world, most of the people are becoming selfish in their lives, and they wants to earn money just for filling up their stomach and for quenching their thirst. Most of the people are not thinking about others and about their religion also, and whenever anyone hurts the sentiments and beliefs of their own Hindu religion, even then they are keeping quiet, since they didn’t want to get attacked, either physically or verbally, by other religious people.
Ancient Hindus fought bravely when Muslim kings attacked them. They have even sacrificed their lives, when lot of temple idols were stolen by other religious people. Some highly educated Hindus wants themselves to become more and more rich, but they didn’t worry about the present status of Hinduism. When someone attacks our holy religion by using abusive words, they are not feeling bad about that, but they used to worry about only their own family problems. Some people are not at all worshipping the god, and they do not follow the principles of any other religion in their life.
Due to the nature of these types of people, god is getting very angry with us, and thereby creates many new, new diseases in the world. Last year (March 2020), when Corona rouses at its peak, people began to worry and thereby worshipped their own gods. But after the severity of the disease was reduced to certain extent, people again began to continue their normal routine life, and forgot to worship the god. Due to that, again the severity of the disease was increased, and at the present situation (April 2021), we are again frightening about this disease, similar to last year.
God is our true parent, and we are all his children. Similar to giving respect to our own parents, we must respect him properly and must surrender at his holy feet. If we keep praying to the god in a whole heartedly manner, then in course of time, the dreaded “CORONA VIRUS” would vanish from this earth.

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