In Search Of God




Generally, sometime or other time, we would be having the doubt, whether god really exists in this world? This doubt would mainly occur in our mind, during the times of our difficulties. But after some time, we would ourselves get relaxed, by saying, that because of god’s existence, at least somehow we are managing our life, and we would keep going to the temples, and offer prayers to the almighty. Mainly this question of existence would arise only during our tough periods.

But by referring to the Puranas, we would come to know, that even the divine avatars, if they take birth in this earth, they have to suffer. This is because, all the mortals are supposed to die on some other day, and happiness and unhappiness would surely take place to all the humans. And because of our sufferings, we should not decide that god doesn’t exist. As per the saying of Sri Veda Vyasa in the great epic Mahabharata, all the human beings would have the mixed feelings in their mind. And all of them would do both good and bad karmas, and he further says that in order to avoid doing bad karma, he asks us to chant the glory of the god, and to keep bhakti on him.

By reading about the goodness of the great saints and the divine avatars from the holy texts, we can come to a conclusion, that god certainly exists in this world, and he is doing his duties properly. Then why most of the people are suffering from hunger, thirst, diseases and from various other factors? We can get the answer for this question from the Bhagavat Gita. Lord Krishna Says: Whatever was happened was happened properly, and whatever going to happen, is also going to happen properly.

And he further says to Arjuna, don’t think about unnecessary things, instead of that, just think about me! Me! And Me only! This is what god is expecting from us, and we have to keep on thinking about him, not only during the times of difficult situations, but also during the times of happiness. Then, we would get the answer, that god really exists in our heart itself, and there is no need to search him anywhere else!

Hence let us try to concentrate our attention on the almighty and be blessed.