Kabir Das



Kabir Das (15th Century AD) was a poet and saint, who had contributed a lot for the upliftment of the Bhakti movement and some of his verses are found in the Sikhism’s Holy Text, Guru Granth Sahib. Though he was born in a Muslim family, but since, he followed the teachings of his Guru Sri Ramananda, he showed more attention on Hinduism. Kabir was born in the holy city of Varanasi at Uttar Pradesh.

Kabir had also questioned about the ancient traditions followed by the Hindus. He wanted both Hindus and Muslims to be united with each other, and hence he didn’t criticise much about Hinduism and Islamism. Due to his vast knowledge in all subjects, and due to his inspirational quotes, many people have joined as his disciples and followers. His teachings were very simple and straight forward in nature and it focuses mainly on spiritual matters. Due to his cleverness, he earned the friendship of the then kings of Uttar Pradesh, and gave good ideas to them.

Some of the golden quotes of Sant Kabir Das are as follows:-

Truth must be followed by the people in order to be righteousness in their approach.

Similar to others, one day you also will die. Think about it for several times, in order to lead a disciplined life.

A single drop of water might save the life of few tiny creatures, hence quench the thirst of the birds and animals, by providing them with sufficient water and food.

There is no need to do research activity in order to find out the presence of the god, god is there everywhere, and he dwells in your soul also.

Love cannot be bought from anywhere else, and it must flow deeply from our soul.

The sun can be worshipped similar to a god, since it gives light to us regularly.

At any stage of your life, think, that you are only at the entry point.

The Lord dwells in even the tiny insects, hence show your love to everyone in this world.

A person can be considered as pure, if he does good deeds in his life.

Patience must be observed by everyone in their lives, in order to live a peaceful life.

Try to earn wealth only through honest means.

Think only about the real things, and just throw away all your thoughts on imaginary things.

You can attain full of happiness, if you make others to be happy.

Your thoughts must be always positive, and erase the negative thoughts from your mind.

Always move gently with others, and talk with others in a soft manner.

Mental sufferings would cause more pain than physical wounds.

You are the master for you, and hence, don’t underestimate you by comparing with others.

Do lot of good deeds in your life, in order to delight the almighty.

Most of the people are living in their dream world, let them come to the real world, and let them enjoy the things around them.

There is no need to get fear with the god, since he is always ready to make friendship with us.

We cannot expect our path to be filled only with flowers, sometimes we may have to walk in the path of thorns also, and we must have to adjust ourselves according to the changing scenario of the world.