Let Us Purify Our Mind By Worshipping The Almighty



Let us cherish the first god Vinayaka by the way of sanctifying him by singing his bhakti songs, performing puja and chanting of Mantras. At this present situation, most of us are not able to control our mind, and sometimes we are doing bad acts also. Mind control is a must, and it can be attained only through the way of doing peaceful meditation and by worshipping the great almighty. Without thinking about god, if we simply sit for meditation, then again some useless thoughts would enter into our mind. The image of Lord Vinayaka can be easily captivated and captured in our mind, and by keeping him on our soul, we can easily control our wavering mind.

We might have read in some newspapers, that in some instances, that the own son itself raping his mother, and the father raping his daughter. All these things are happening due to lack of mind control. We can use our mind both for watching good and bad things. If a person worships god sincerely from his soul or in the temples, then he would get great mind satisfaction. Whereas, if a person keep watching obscene films, then his mind would be addicted in doing only bad things in his life.

Keeping our mind either as pure or impure lies in our hands only. As per the sayings of Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita, “In order to control your mind, develop the habit of offering prayers to me, and keep your mind only on me, and don’t show your attention on any other material things in your life. Only by the way of cherishing me, I would be able to enter into your soul, and I can permanently dwell there, and also I am able to control you, whenever you concentrate your attention on doing bad matters. Hence, in order to make yourself as pure and perfect, think, think, think only about me, and not about anything else”.

Lord Vinayaka being a child god, can be easily worshipped from anywhere in the world, since he is having lot of small and big temples all over the world. In order to control our mind, we can also draw lot of pictures of Ganesha, and we can display it in the exhibition also. With the income generated from the selling of Vinayaka pictures, we can do lot of good things in our life, like helping the poor people by providing food, cloth and shelter, visiting to the special homes like orphanages, old age homes, mental institutions, institutions for physically challenged people, and we can distribute food packets to them, and also in order to make them cheerful, we can tell wonderful stories from our Hindu Puranas. And for the Christian and Muslim children, we can tell the teachings delivered by Lord Jesus Christ and by the Holy Prophet Mohammed, from the sacred Bible and from the Holy Quran.

We have to be always active, and sitting simply at our home would make our mind into rust. Our leg can lead us to a wrong path or to the right path, and it all depends on how we show our sincere bhakti on the almighty. Whenever we suffer from our problems, most of us would scold the god, including me, since we are afraid of our problems, and we are finding it difficult to face our problems. Most of the problems are created by us only, and for our each and every silly problem, we cannot curse the god. For example, all of us knew that if we keep on watching Cinemas or even Bhakti Videos continuously, our eyes would get disturbed. But even after knowing about that, if we continue doing the same thing again and again, then on one fine day, we would even lose our eye sight. Likewise, if a doctor suggests a diabetic patient not to eat sweets, and without taking it seriously, if the patient eats lot of sweets, then on one day, he has to face serious consequences for his own acts. In such situations, how can we blame the god, for our own mistakes?

God has given proper wisdom, courage and boldness to everyone, and we must have to utilise it properly. We cannot expect god to stand in front of us, and to guide and watch us for our each and every activity. Even if he does, we would not listen to his words, and sometimes, we might also ask him to get out from our sight. God has given sufficient freedom to us, and we have to utilise the freedom in a proper manner. In general, no one is 100% pure and perfect in this world, but at the same time, we should apply our mind only to concentrate on good things and we must have to remove the dirt from our mind and only by worshipping the god constantly, we would be able to achieve this.




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