Ma Annapurna Namavali




Annapurna Devi is the goddess who provides food for all the living beings in the earth. The name Annapurna itself indicates as the giver of sufficient food. Annapurna is an important goddess, since through her blessings only, we are able to eat food and sustain in this world. She is an incarnation of Mata Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. The Annapurna Sahasranam praises her glory and describes her various names.

Kashi Viswanath Temple in Varanasi is the famous temple for goddess Annapurna and daily thousands of devotees come to this place to worship the divine goddess and to get her blessings. Akshaya Tritiya Festival is celebrated considering as the birthday of the goddess Annapurna, and people purchase golden jewellery and start new ventures on that day. Annapurna once offered food to Lord Shiva in order to make him to realize that she is the ultimate giver of the food to the entire UNIVERSE.

The Hindu Scriptures describe the features of Annapoorna as a beautiful goddess with golden coloured body and a shining face. In one hand, she holds the food pot, and in another hand, she offers food to her devotees. She is seated on a golden throne.

She is also mentioned in divine texts as the giver of knowledge, wisdom, courage, spiritual energy and strength in mind and in body. Devi Bhagavata and Skanda Purana praise her glory and mention her importance.

Food is considered as the most important thing for the living beings in this world. Without food, no one could survive in this world. Hence it is a must for us to pray to goddess Annapurna Devi and we must thank her for giving sufficient food to us. She has to be worshipped on a daily basis especially before taking our food. The importance of Annadhanam is mentioned in various Puranas, and Lord Krishna also tells in his Bhagavat gita about the importance of food donation, and asks us to provide food to all the living beings in the world.

The Annapurna Stotra composed by Adi Shankaracharya is recited by Hindus throughout the world as a thanks giving act to Mata Annapurna for giving food to us in plenty.

Let us recite the below mentioned wonderful names of Ma Annapurna Devi and let us be blessed.

  1. Om annapurnayai Namah
  2. Om sivayai Namah
  3. Om devyai Namah
  4. Om bhimayai Namah
  5. Om pustyai Namah
  6. Om sarasvatyai Namah
  7. Om sarvajnayai Namah
  8. Om parvatyai Namah
  9. Om durgayai Namah
  10. Om sarvanyai Namah
  11. Om sivavallabhayai Namah
  12. Om vedavedyayai Namah
  13. Om mahavidyayai Namah
  14. Om vidyadatrai Namah
  15. Om visaradayai Namah
  16. Om kumaryai Namah
  17. Om tripurayai Namah
  18. Om balayai Namah
  19. Om laksmyai Namah
  20. Om sriyai Namah
  21. Om bhayaharinai Namah
  22. Om bhavanyai Namah
  23. Om visnujananyai Namah
  24. Om brahmadijananyai Namah
  25. Om ganesajananyai Namah
  26. Om saktyai Namah
  27. Om kumarajananyai Namah
  28. Om subhayai Namah
  29. Om bhogapradayai Namah
  30. Om bhagavatyai Namah
  31. Om bhaktabhistapradayinyai Namah
  32. Om bhavarogaharayai Namah
  33. Om bhavyayai Namah
  34. Om subhrayai Namah
  35. Om paramamaṅgalayai Namah
  36. Om bhavanyai Namah
  37. Om cancalayai Namah
  38. Om gauryai Namah
  39. Om carucandrakaladharayai Namah
  40. Om visalaksyai Namah
  41. Om visvamatre Namah
  42. Om visvavandyayai Namah
  43. Om vilasinyai Namah
  44. Om aryayai Namah
  45. Om kalyananilayayai Namah
  46. Om rudranyai Namah
  47. Om kamalasanayai Namah
  48. Om subhapradayai Namah
  49. Om subhavartayai Namah
  50. Om vrttapinapayodharayai Namah
  51. Om ambayai Namah
  52. Om samharamathanyai Namah
  53. Om mrdanyai Namah
  54. Om sarvamaṅgalayai Namah
  55. Om visnusamsevitayai Namah
  56. Om siddhayai Namah
  57. Om brahmanyai Namah
  58. Om surasevitayai Namah
  59. Om paramanandadayai Namah
  60. Om santyai Namah
  61. Om paramanandarupinyai Namah
  62. Om paramanandajananyai Namah
  63. Om parayai Namah
  64. Om anandapradayinyai Namah
  65. Om paropakaraniratayai Namah
  66. Om paramayai Namah
  67. Om bhaktavatsalayai Namah
  68. Om purnacandrabhavadanayai Namah
  69. Om purnacandranibhamsukayai Namah
  70. Om subhalaksanasampannayai Namah
  71. Om subhanandagunarnavayai Namah
  72. Om subhasaubhagyanilayayai Namah
  73. Om subhadayai Namah
  74. Om ratipriyayai Namah
  75. Om candikayai Namah
  76. Om candamathanyai Namah
  77. Om candadarpanivarinyai Namah
  78. Om martandanayanayai Namah
  79. Om sadhvyai Namah
  80. Om candragninayanayai Namah
  81. Om satyai Namah
  82. Om pundarikaharayai Namah
  83. Om purnayai Namah
  84. Om punyadayai Namah
  85. Om punyarupinyai Namah
  86. Om mayatitayai Namah
  87. Om sresthamayayai Namah
  88. Om sresthadharmayai Namah
  89. Om atmavanditayai Namah
  90. Om asrstyai Namah
  91. Om saṅgarahitayai Namah
  92. Om srstihetave Namah
  93. Om kapardinyai Namah
  94. Om vrsarudhayai Namah
  95. Om sulahastayai Namah
  96. Om sthitisamharakarinyai Namah
  97. Om mandasmitayai Namah
  98. Om skandamatre Namah
  99. Om suddhacittayai Namah
  100. Om munistutayai Namah
  101. Om mahabhagavatyai Namah
  102. Om daksayai Namah
  103. Om daksadhvaravinasinyai Namah
  104. Om sarvarthadatryai Namah
  105. Om savitryai Namah
  106. Om sadasivakutumbinyai Namah
  107. Om nityasundarasarvaṅgyai Namah
  108. Om saccidanandalaksanayai Namah




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