Main Teachings Of Hinduism




Hinduism is a sweet religion and it mainly focuses on Dharma and Karma, human values, sentiments, charities, beliefs, traditions and rituals. It aims to maintain an individual to realize his inner self, and to dwell the god in his soul, by performing Vedic rituals and meditation. Hinduism contains good philosophies and teachings. ( It aims the Hindu People to achieve the eternal bliss of the god by proper practice.

The main teachings of the Hinduism are as follows:

  1. Believe in Truth, and realize that truth alone would win in the world.
  2. Realise that all the material things around you would perish in some day or other, and concentrate your attention on god.
  3. Vedas are the divine texts given by the god to attain goodness in your life.
  4. Follow the path of righteousness.
  5. By doing good deeds in your life, you would be suitably rewarded by the god.
  6. Your main aim must be to attain SALVATION.
  7. The world is covered with full of illusions, come out from the worldly pleasures, control your senses, and do meditation on the god.
  8. Live and Let live must be followed in your life.
  9. Be honest, sincere and straightforward in your life.
  10. Feel the presence of god everywhere in this world.
  11. Realise that god has given you a very important task of preaching the goodness of Hinduism and explaining the holy scriptures to others, and do it properly.
  12. Follow the spiritual path, and do only good karma and don’t cheat others.

Let us follow the above holy principles of Hinduism and let us lead a peaceful and a sin free life.




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