No One Is Like Lord Srirama

No One Is Like Lord Srirama



Lord Rama is famously known as “EKAPATHNI VIRATHAN”, since he has only one wife. Even after he was separated from his consort Ma Sita Devi, he didn’t get married again throughout his life time. Though his father Dasaratha was married to many consorts, but, he never did like that, since he considered Ma Sita as his only wife and he considered the rest of the women as his mother, sister and daughter. Due to his good qualities, he was praised in the great epic Ramayana, and many poets were mentioned about his significance in their divine texts.

Even today, those who got married with a women, and if they are sincere and honest towards their wives, and if they didn’t love any other women in their life, then the people around them, used to call them as “EKAPATHNI VIRATHAN”. But in general, some people are having the habit of liking other women also, even if they are married. This happens mainly due to physical attraction. If we get involved ourselves in doing wrong activities, then we would be punished by the god, either sooner or later, but the punishment would be very severe, since wrong doers cannot escape from the watchful eyes of the almighty.

Some women used to tell, “No one is like Lord Srirama’, since we cannot expect most of the people to behave like the divine avatar, Sri Rama. Among the various Doshas, Kanya Dosham is considered to be very severe, and it occurs, when someone has illegal affair with any other women, and if he does so, then in his next birth, he would suffer from severe Kanya Dosham.

Though we cannot follow the entire qualities of Lord Rama, at least, we can follow his “ONE WIFE POLICY”. We must realise that we have been gifted this birth by the god, only for doing good acts, like using all of our body organs to worship him, donating our eyes and other essential organs after our death, providing food to the poor and the homeless people, helping in the marriage of poor girls by providing the holy “MANGALSUTRA” to them etc. Some people would simply chant “RAMA, RAMA, and then they would keep on doing bad acts, with the belief that their “RAMA BHAKTI” would destroy their sins. But they must realise, that only if they chant the “RAMA MANTRA”, with a pure mind, and by having good qualities, they would get the good karma, or otherwise their Mantra recitation would not help them in removing their sins.

Hence let us become pure and perfect in our life, and let us frequently chant the “RAMA MANTRA”, “JAI SRIRAM” throughout our life time.





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