Pattabhishekam means the coronation ceremony of the kings. Ancient kings Pattabhishekam would be celebrated in a grand manner by performing puja to the deities, and also by getting the waters from the holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna and Godavari, in order to sprinkle it in the body of kings. Great sages like Vasishta and Viswamitra had helped during the holy ceremony of Pattabhishekam, to the famous kings Like Dasaratha, Rama and Harichandra.

During the Krita Yuga, Pattabhishekam was done to the great Prahalada by Lord Brahma itself. During the time of his Pattabhishekam, all the divine deities were present at his palace, and blessed him. Among the Pattabhishekams, Lord Rama’s coronation ceremony is considered to be the best event, and still now the divine discoursers used to narrate the holy Patabhishekam of Lord Srirama, whenever they deliver discourses on Ramayana.

During the time of Rama’s coronation ceremony, Lord Hanuman had rendered lot of help to him, like bringing the holy waters from the sacred rivers, arranging for various flowers and flower garlands, and also he helped in arranging a big feast which was held at the Rama’s palace of Ayodhya during the Treta Yuga. Due to that Lord Rama was very happy with Hanuman, and touched him affectionately with his lotus hands.

By reading the various holy texts of Hinduism, we can get the details about Pattabhishekam performed to various kings and divine avatars like Rama, Krishna, Prahalada and Dhruva. During the time of Pattabhishekam of Dhruva, Lord Vishnu was physically present at his palace, and he blessed Dhruva to rule his kingdom in a prosperous manner. As a result, Dhruva ruled his kingdom for 26,000 years, and after that he went to Dhruva Mandala, and become a powerful star, and still brightly shining and blessing us from the sky.

The coronation ceremony of the Greece king, Alexandar the great, was also done in a fantastic manner. During his period, he gave a golden rule, and gave respect to the beliefs and sentiments of other religious people, and honoured them.

The great Panthala Maharaja after becoming the king of Panthalam dynasty, had ruled his kingdom in a nice manner, and due to his good manners, he got an opportunity of becoming the foster father of Lord Ayyappa.