Prahalad was the son of Hiranyakashipu and Kayadhu, and he was the father of Virochana. He was born in the Krita Yuga, and still he is remembered by the people due to his great bhakti on Lord Vishnu. As per legend, it is believed that the Shangu Karna Deva, who was one of the divine attendants of Lord Brahma, had once committed a mistake and as a result, he was cursed by Lord Brahma, and hence he was born in the earth as Prahalada.

After the death of Hiranyakashipu, Prahalada had become the king, and he ruled his kingdom in a prosperous manner. He treated all the people as alike and made them to live in a peaceful manner. He also maintained cordial relationship with the other kings, and as per the instructions of Lord Vamana, he went to the Sutala Loka along with his grandson Bali, and lived there for many years. It is also believed that he again took birth as King Bahlika during the previous Dwapara Yuga, and in this Kali Yuga, he again took birth as the Madhwa Saint, Vyasaraja and as Guru Raghavendra, the great Saint of Mantralayam.

The following are some of the golden spiritual quotes of Bhakta Prahalada:-

  1. Have utmost faith on Lord Vishnu and worship him sincerely.
  2. Lord Vishnu is considered as the supreme deity among all other deities, and he only controls the universe, and undertakes the tasks of creation, protection and destruction work.
  3. Always chant the Narayana Mantra, “OM NAMO NARAYANA”, in order to get spiritual enlightenment.
  4. Human births are endless in nature. In order to avoid taking rebirths, keep your entire attention on Lord Vishnu, praise his glories, sing his songs, and sanctify him through the divine mantras.
  5. Those who keep immense bhakti on Lord Vishnu would live a prosperous life.
  6. Complete surrender on the holy feet of Lord Vishnu is one of the best ways of expressing our bhakti.
  7. Those who cause any harm to the devotees of Lord Vishnu would be severely punished by Lord Vishnu, and they would have to permanently suffer in the hell.
  8. You can see the divine vision of Lord Vishnu everywhere and anywhere.
  9. Just by reciting the Narayana Mantra once, all of our bad karmas would vanish, and we would dwell permanently in the Vaikunta.
  10. Lord Vishnu is always glorified by the sages, who utter his divine mantras, by surrounding him in the Vaikunta, and he is seated on the Divine Serpant Bed Adisesha along with his consort Ma Lakshmi Devi, with a divine smile.
  11. There is no beginning or end for Lord Vishnu, and he cannot be destroyed by anyone in this universe.
  12. Stop enjoying the worldly pleasures, and get the everlasting spiritual pleasures by worshipping Lord Vishnu.
  13. Lord Vishnu has got various names, and we can regularly recite all of his names.
  14. Lord Vishnu safeguards his devotees like our affectionate mother, and he would never leave us alone in this world.