Quotes by Buddha



Gautama Buddha, also known as Buddha was an avatara Purusha who lived before 2500 years. He was considered to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and the purpose behind his incarnation is to deliver various good teachings to the people in order to enlighten their lives. Though he was born as a royal prince, yet at his teenage, he left all his comforts and found great peace under the Bodhi Tree.

He lived a very simple and a disciplined life, and he didn’t get angry even with those who caused harm to him. Through his soft speech, he has spread the principles of Buddhism, and through his tremendous efforts, Buddhism is followed in few countries and especially in Srilanka, 70% of the people are following Buddhism.

Buddha is well known for his calmness, gentleness and for his noble behaviour. Though he lived before several hundreds of years, yet he is still worshipped by the people, due to the love and affection he has shown to the people. He is also known as “SAKYA MUNI”, which means the founder of Buddhism.

Some of the golden quotes of Lord Buddha are as follows:-

“Don’t keep thinking about the past, since you can do nothing with the past, instead of that, think about your present life, and act in a proper manner.

It is better to conquer our mind, in order to win ourselves in the ocean of life.

If we keep a single step forward, god will take you a thousand miles ahead.

Peace can be attained only by us and it cannot be purchased from anywhere else.

The success of our life is based on how smartly we behave in front of others.

Sky is not the limit for your success.

Don’t unnecessarily doubt on others.

Happiness can be always shared with others.

Thoughts only determines our life, hence our thoughts must be focussed only on good things.

Fate is written on a person’s head, based on his past birth Karmas.

Live your life by following the teachings of the great saints and sages.

Work properly and don’t commit mistakes again and again.

Show your unlimited compassion on everyone.

Anger is the worst enemy within you, and it will even kill you.

A kind hearted person will love everyone and in turn others also will love him.

Forget and forgive the mistakes of others.

If you consider yourself as a pious person, then there is no need to fear about anything in your life, and even about your death.

Health is wealth. Hence develop a good physique with a strong mind and with a positive attitude.

Living our life without thinking about spirituality, is simply waste, and we cannot enjoy the sweetness in our life.

Our Life contains lot of sufferings and many wounds would be formed in our body, but through our will power, we have to win in our life, and must reach a good position in our life.

Realise that nothing is going to be permanent in our life, except our good deeds.

He is the one who can be able to lift even the entire earth, if he strongly believes on his strength.

Attaining salvation is not an easiest task, since it requires lot of efforts.

Don’t expect sympathy from others, instead of that, you can pray sincerely to the almighty, and he will definitely show sympathy on you.

Even if you are thrown out by others, god will never neglect you, and he will show the proper path in your life.

Don’t keep worrying about yourself. Instead of that, think about others, who are more inferior.

The gates of heaven are always open to you, if you live a proper life.