Ravidas was a Saint Cum Poet during the 15th Century AD.  Though he was born in a low class community, but he was highly honoured by the then kings and the learned scholars for his divine powers. He was also a social reformer, and he was against caste discrimination. In the Adi Granth, the Holy Book of Sikhs, several popular poems of Ravidas were included, and still his poems receive good response from the Sikhs, as well as from his devotees and his followers.

He also fought for the rights of the females, and he wanted females to be treated similar to men in all aspects. He was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu, and he has sung many songs in praise of him. He is considered to be an incarnation of Lord Surya Bhagavan, and he also healed the diseases and removed the problems of his devotees. Ravidas had taken his family profession of doing leather works, and in his leisure time, he used to spend his time by writing marvellous poems on the banks of the Holy River Ganges.

Some of the golden quotes of Guru Ravidas are as follows:-

  1. Self-realisation is very important to travel in the spiritual path.
  2. Lord Hari knows everything about us. Let us submit our worries on his shoulders.
  3. If you consider that your soul is pure, then even the most contaminated water in your bathtub would become holy water.
  4. God does not differentiate the people based on their status.
  5. Without the help of a Guru we cannot easily cross the ocean of life.
  6. You can share your divine knowledge with all classes of people by visiting several places, since your knowledge must be spread in each and every corner of the world.
  7. Let the great almighty show us the divine path.
  8. Light the lamp of wisdom in the lives of the uneducated people, and make them to shine in their lives.
  9. Never do wrongful acts in your life, since by doing it, you have to suffer a lot in your life.
  10. Walk on the path of spiritualism, talk about spiritualism, think about spiritualism, and make others to understand about spiritualism.
  11. Let this world shine brightly, and let the caste discrimination problems come to an end.
  12. Listen carefully to the teachings of Guru, and adopt it in practice.
  13. Surrender yourself at the holy feet of the almighty, and dedicate your body and soul by worshipping him.
  14. Guru is the source of light, and he is the one, who removes the darkness, and would show the correct path in our life.
  15. Sing bhakti songs on the almighty, and glorify him through your acts.
  16. Showing bhakti on the almighty would make wonderful things to happen in your life.
  17. Don’t doubt about the existence of the god in this world, since he is staying in your soul also.
  18. Provide food to the hungry, down trodden and the tired traveller, and help others, as much as you can.