Shani Namavali





Lord Saneeswara is the god of justice, and he is keenly observing all of our activities, good and bad, and based on that, he is giving rewards or punishments to us. Though Lord Saneeswara is considered as a god who contain anger, generally, he is a soft and a gentle god, and if we read about his details, we could knew more about him.

Daily he used to spend few hours on meditating Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu, since he considers both of them as one and the same. Similarly to a holy sage, sometimes his meditation would go even for days, months and years also. But at the same time, through his supreme powers, he used to protect us, even during the time of performing meditation, similar to our holy Guru Raghavendra, who performs meditation continuously for a few hundred years, but still he blesses all of his devotees, and he was able to shower his grace on all of his devotees, even during the time of performance of meditation, due to the grace of his beloved deity, Lord Rama.

Reciting the Names of the deities is considered as a good act, and since Lord Saneeswara is considered as the god of justice, it is a must for us to recite his beautiful 108 names, at least once in a day for our well-being.

The 108 sweet names of Lord Saneeswara are given below:

1) Om Sri Sanaischaraya Namaha
2) Om Sri Shantarupaya Namaha
3) Om Sri Sarvabhishtaya Namaha

4) Om Sri Sharanyaya Namaha
5) Om Sri Varenyaya Namaha
6) Om Sri Sarveshaya Namaha
7) Om Sri Saumyaya Namaha
8) Om Sri Suravandhaya Namaha
9) Om Sri Suralokaviharinaya Namaha
10) Om Sri Sukhasanopavishtaya Namaha

11) Om Sri Sundaraya Namaha
12) Om Sri Ghanaya Namaha
13) Om Sri Ghanarupaya Namaha
14) Om Sri Ghanabharanadharinya Namaha
15) Om Sri Ghanasaravilepaya Namaha
16) Om Sri Khadyotaya Namaha
17) Om Sri Mandaya Namaha
18) Om Sri Mandacheshtaya Namaha
19) Om Sri Mahaniyagunatmanaya Namaha
20) Om Sri Martyapavanapadaya Namaha

21) Om Sri Maheshaya Namaha
22) Om Sri Chayaputraya Namaha
23) Om Sri Sharvaya Namaha
24) Om Sri Shatatuniradharinyaya Namaha
25) Om Sri Charasthirasvabhavaya Namaha
26) Om Sri Achanchalaya Namaha
27) Om Sri Nilavarnaya Namaha
28) Om Sri Nitya Rupaya Namaha
29) Om Sri Nilanjananibhaya Namaha
30) Om Sri Nilambaravibhushanaya Namaha

31) Om Sri Nishchalaya Namaha
32) Om Sri Vedyaya Namaha
33) Om Sri Vidhirupaya Namaha
34) Om Sri Virodhadharabhumiyaya Namaha
35) Om Sri Bhedaspadasvabhavaya Namaha
36) Om Sri Vajradehaya Namaha
37) Om Sri Vairagyadaya Namaha
38) Om Sri Viraya Namaha
39) Om Sri Vitarogabhaya Namaha
40) Om Sri Vipatparampareshaya Namaha

41) Om Sri Vishvavandyaya Namaha
42) Om Sri Gridhnavahaya Namaha
43) Om Sri Gudhaya Namaha
44) Om Sri Kurmangaya Namaha
45) Om Sri Kurupinyaya Namaha
46) Om Sri Kutsitaya Namaha
47) Om Sri Gunadhyaya Namaha
48) Om Sri Gocharaya Namaha
49) Om Sri Avidhyamulanashaya Namaha
50) Om Sri Vidhyaavidhyasvarupinyaya Namaha

51) Om Sri Ayushyakaranaya Namaha
52) Om Sri Apaduddhartraya Namaha
53) Om Sri Vishnubhaktaya Namaha
54) Om Sri Vishinyaya Namaha
55) Om Sri Vividhagamavedinya Namaha
56) Om Sri Vidhistutyaya Namaha
57) Om Sri Vandhyaya Namaha
58) Om Sri Virupakshaya Namaha
59) Om Sri Varishthaya Namaha
60) Om Sri Garishthaya Namaha

61) Om Sri Vajramkushagharaya Namaha
62) Om Sri Varadabhayahastaya Namaha
63) Om Sri Vamanaya Namaha
64) Om Sri Jyeshthapatnisametaya Namaha
65) Om Sri Shreshthaya Namaha
66) Om Sri Mitabhashinyaya Namaha
67) Om Sri Kashtaughanashakartraya Namaha
68) Om Sri Pushtidaya Namaha
69) Om Sri Stutyaya Namaha
70) Om Sri Stotragamyaya Namaha

71) Om Sri Bhaktivashyaya Namaha
72) Om Sri Bhanuve Namaha
73) Om Sri Bhanuputraya Namaha
74) Om Sri Bhavyaya Namaha
75) Om Sri Paavanaya Namaha
76) Om Sri Dhanurmandalasamsthaya Namaha
77) Om Sri Dhanadaya Namaha
78) Om Sri Dhanushmataya Namaha
79) Om Sri Tanuprakashadehaya Namaha
80) Om Sri Tamasaya Namaha

81) Om Sri Asheshajanavandyaya Namaha
82) Om Sri Visheshaphaladayinyaya Namaha
83) Om Sri Vashikritajaneshaya Namaha
84) Om Sri Pashunam Patiye Namaha
85) Om Sri Khecharaya Namaha
86) Om Sri Khageshaya Namaha
87) Om Sri Ghananilambaraya Namaha
88) Om Sri Kathinyamanasaya Namaha
89) Om Sri Aryaganastutyaya Namaha
90) Om Sri Nilachchhatraya Namaha

91) Om Sri Nitya Roopaya Namaha
92) Om Sri Nirgunaya Namaha
93) Om Sri Gunatmanaya Namaha
94) Om Sri Niramayaya Namaha
95) Om Sri Nindyaya Namaha
96) Om Sri Vandaniyaya Namaha
97) Om Sri Dhiraya Namaha
98) Om Sri Divyadehaya Namaha
99) Om Sri Dinartiharanaya Namaha
100) Om Sri Dainyanashakaraya Namaha

101) Om Sri Aryajanaganyaya Namaha
102) Om Sri Kruraya Namaha
103) Om Sri Kruracheshtaya Namaha
104) Om Sri Kamakrodhakaraya Namaha
105) Om Sri Kalatraputraya Namaha

106) Om Sri Pariposhitabhaktaya Namaha
107) Om Sri Parabhitiharaya Namaha
108) Om Sri Bhaktasanghamanoya Namaha


Let us keep chanting the above names of Lord Saneeswara, and let us be blessed.




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