Shiv Puja



Shiva Puja is an ancient practice adopted by the Hindus, wherein which, Shiva devotees used to worship Lord Siva whole heartedly by various methods like doing puja, offering flowers and Bilva leaves, doing meditation and performing abhishekam to the holy Shiva Lingam.

In ancient Puranas, we can find that lot of demons and kings have worshipped Lord Shiva and due to that, they have got great powers. Though Lord Shiva is described as the god of destruction, similar to Lord Vishnu, he is protecting all the living beings in the universe from dangers and difficulties. He is the supreme god, who controls the entire universe through his super natural powers.

As per Hindu Puranas, the great bear king Jambavan and pious demon kings like Mahabali and his sons Namuchi and Banasura were ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. Lord Vishnu’s avatars, Rama, Parasurama and Krishna had performed Shiva puja, and obtained the grace of Lord Shiva. As per Shiva Purana, the Lord would be very much pleased, and would grant various boons to us, if we sincerely utter the Panchakchara Mantra, “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” with utmost faith and sincerity.

We can also perform puja in our homes, by placing a small Shiva Lingam at our Puja room, and also perform various kinds of Abhishekhams in our own hands. But we should strictly observe purity and sincerity while performing puja. Even if we commit small mistakes, that would make Lord Shiva to get angry on us. Lord Shiva is generally worshipped in Lingam form. He is also worshipped as Nataraja in dancing form and as Lingodbavar. Shiva worship is practised for several millions of years, and still now, Shiva devotees are worshipping Lord Shiva for their wellness and also for the benefit of the entire universe.

Shiva Abhishekam would be done to a Shiva Lingam in order to destroy the evils, and to maintain prosperity in the earth. This Abhishekam would be done mostly by using the following items:

  1. Curd
  2. Milk/water
  3. Honey
  4. Tender/young Coconut
  5. Vibhuti (holy ash)

Apart from doing Abhishekham to Lord Shiva, it is a must for Shiva devotees, to apply the sacred ash on their body and to wear the holy rudraksha around their neck. Those who wear the Holy rudraksha are considered as a form of Lord Shiva, and they would be honoured by the death god Lord Yama, during the time of their death.

At this present situation, it is better to utter the Shiva Mantra, as much as possible, in order to get rid from the evil viruses and to maintain good health.