Spiritual Wealth And Monetary Wealth

Spiritual Wealth And Monetary Wealth



Spiritual wealth is permanent, whereas monetary wealth is temporary only. Spiritual wealth would come even after our death, whereas monetary wealth would be available with us only till our death. As per the words of Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita Teachings, “Oh my Dear Arjuna, people are running towards acquiring more and more monetary wealth, and they have totally forgotten towards acquiring spiritual wealth. Those who consider me as the true god, would never run after the monetary wealth, but would try to acquire more and more spiritual wealth. I consider the spiritually inclined people as my sincere devotees, and I would shower more and more grace on them, and I used to take the monetary wealth of my true devotees, in order to give more spiritual wealth to them, and to make them to concentrate their entire attention on me, me and me only”.

From the above teachings, we can get a clear picture about the differences between spiritual and monetary wealth. God showers his great affection on us unlimitedly and he would never find partiality between his own creations. Through his grace, he has changed the mind of the wealthy merchant, Srinivasa Nayak, and made him into a poor saint, Purandara Dasa, and also insisted him to sing bhakti songs on him throughout his life time.

In general, money is essential for running our livelihood, but at the same time, we must try to earn good karma also, in order to live our life peacefully in our next birth also. For earning good karmas, we must try to earn more and more spiritual wealth, by the way of chanting the divine mantras on the almighty, singing songs in praise of him, reciting his names, worshipping him sincerely, visiting temples and doing meditation on him.

Though the great divine persons, Prahalada and Dhruva had earned enough monetary wealth, but, they have acquired lot of spiritual wealth also, by worshipping the god whole heartedly. In the recent years, we might have known from the Medias that even the rich people didn’t escape from the clutches of the dreaded Corona Virus, and they have lost their precious life due to the harmful virus. But even after knowing about all these things, still most of the people are having lot of interest in earning more and more material wealth, and they fail to take steps towards earning lot of spiritual wealth.




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