Sri Ayyappa Namavali

Sri Ayyappa Namavali



Lord Ayyappa is a celebrity god, and he is worshipped mostly by the people in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, though during the annual Mandala Puja Festival, devotees from all parts of India would throng to the Sabarimala temple to have the glimpse of the beautiful Ayyappa. Lord Ayyappa is a form of Lord Dharma Shasta, who contains the features of both Lord Shiva and Vishnu. Similar to our Tirupati Balaji, who had incarnated in this Kali Yuga, exclusively for fulfilling the wishes of his devotees, Lord Ayyappa also fulfils the wishes of his devotees, and invokes them in the spiritual path.

Lord Ayyappa is known by various names such as Manikanda, Harihara Sudhan, Sabarimalai Vasan, Ponnambalam and Thatvamasi, is considered as a pious, pure and virtuous god, who has entered into the shrine of Sabarimala as a deity at his young age itself. Being brought up at the palace as a prince and instead of enjoying the worldly pleasures, Lord Ayyappa had sacrificed everything in his life, for the sake of doing goodness to his devotees, and it is believed that he still dwells at his Sabarimala Shrine in divine form in a sitting posture, with a smiling face, and he blesses all of his devotees with his golden hands.

Apart from offering prayers and performing pujas to Lord Ayyappa, reciting his 108 divine names would please him very much, and he would immensely grant boons and would fulfil our reasonable needs and wishes.

The beautiful 108 names of Lord Ayyappa are as follows:-

  1. Om mahasastave namaḥ
  2. Om mahadevaya namaḥ
  3. Om mahadevasutaya namaḥ
  4. Om avyayaya namaḥ
  5. Om lokakartre namaḥ
  6. Om lokabhartre namaḥ
  7. Om lokahartre namaḥ
  8. Om paratparaya namaḥ
  9. Om trilokaraksakaya namaḥ
  10. Om dhanvine namah
  11. Om tapasvine namaḥ
  12. Om bhutasainikaya namaḥ
  13. Om mantravedine namaḥ
  14. Om mahavedine namaḥ
  15. Om marutaya namaḥ
  16. Om jagadisvaraya namaḥ
  17. Om lokadhyaksaya namaḥ
  18. Om agraganyaya namaḥ
  19. Om srimate namah
  20. Om aprameyaparakramaya namaḥ
  21. Om simharudhaya namaḥ
  22. Om gajarudhaya namaḥ
  23. Om hayarudhaya namaḥ
  24. Om mahesvaraya namaḥ
  25. Om nanasastradharaya namaḥ
  26. Om anaghaya namaḥ
  27. Om nanavidya visaradaya namaḥ
  28. Om nanarupadharaya namaḥ
  29. Om viraya namaḥ
  30. Om nanapraninisevitaya namaḥ
  31. Om bhutesaya namaḥ
  32. Om bhutidaya namaḥ
  33. Om bhrtyaya namaḥ
  34. Om bhujangabharanojvalaya namaḥ
  35. Om iksudhanvine namaḥ
  36. Om puspabanaya namaḥ
  37. Om maharupaya namaḥ
  38. Om mahaprabhave namaḥ
  39. Om mayadevisutaya namaḥ
  40. Om manyaya                     namaḥ
  41. Om mahaniyaya namaḥ
  42. Om mahagunaya namaḥ
  43. Om mahasaivaya namaḥ
  44. Om maharudraya namaḥ
  45. Om vaisnavaya namaḥ
  46. Om visnupujakaya namaḥ
  47. Om vighnesaya namaḥ
  48. Om virabhadresaya namaḥ
  49. Om bhairavaya namaḥ
  50. Om sanmukhapriyaya namaḥ
  51. Om merusrngasamasinaya namaḥ
  52. Om munisanghanisevitaya namaḥ
  53. Om devaya namaḥ
  54. Om bhadraya namaḥ
  55. Om jagannathaya namaḥ
  56. Om gananathaya namaḥ
  57. Om ganesvaraya namaḥ
  58. Om mahayogine namaḥ
  59. Om mahamayine namaḥ
  60. Om mahajnanine namaḥ
  61. Om mahasthiraya namaḥ
  62. Om devasastre namaḥ
  63. Om bhutasastre namaḥ
  64. Om bhimahasaparakramaya namaḥ
  65. Om nagaharaya namaḥ
  66. Om nagakesaya namaḥ
  67. Om vyomakesaya namaḥ
  68. Om sanatanaya namaḥ
  69. Om sagunaya namaḥ
  70. Om nirgunaya namaḥ
  71. Om nityaya namaḥ
  72. Om nityatrptaya namaḥ
  73. Om nirasrayaya namaḥ
  74. Om lokasrayaya namaḥ
  75. Om ganadhisaya namaḥ
  76. Om chatuhsastikalamayaya namaḥ
  77. Om ṛgyajuhsamatharvatmane namaḥ
  78. Om mallakasurabhanjanaya namaḥ
  79. Om trimurtaye namaḥ
  80. Om daityamathanaya namaḥ
  81. Om prakrtaye namaḥ
  82. Om purusottamaya namaḥ
  83. Om kalajnanine namaḥ
  84. Om mahajnanine namaḥ
  85. Om kamadaya namaḥ
  86. Om kamaleksanaya namaḥ
  87. Om kalpavrksaya namaḥ
  88. Om mahavrksaya namaḥ
  89. Om vidyavrksaya namaḥ
  90. Om vibhutidaya namaḥ
  91. Om samsaratapavichChetre namaḥ
  92. Om pasulokabhayankaraya namaḥ
  93. Om rogahantre namaḥ
  94. Om pranadatre namaḥ
  95. Om paragarvavibhanjanaya namaḥ
  96. Om sarvasastrartha tatvajnaya namaḥ
  97. Om nitimate namaḥ
  98. Om papabhanjanaya namaḥ
  99. Om puskalapurnasaṃyuktaya namaḥ
  100. Om paramatmane namaḥ
  101. Om satangataye namaḥ
  102. Om anantadityasankasaya namaḥ
  103. Om subrahmanyanujaya namaḥ
  104. Om baline namaḥ
  105. Om bhaktanukampine namaḥ
  106. Om devesaya namaḥ
  107. Om bhagavate namaḥ
  108. Om bhaktavatsalaya namaḥ





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