Sri Balarama Namavali




Balarama is a powerful god and he is the elder brother of Lord Krishna. He is also known as BaladevaBalabhadraHaladhara and Halayudha. Lord Balarama is considered to be an aspect of Lord Vishnu, and he is also regarded as an Avatar of the divine serpent bed of Lord Vishnu, Sri Adisesha.

Balarama was the son of Vasudeva, and he was born on the Raksha Bandhan festival day, and his weapon is the plough.

As per Hindu traditions, Balarama has been considered as a farmer’s deity. He is always seen with Lord Krishna, and he supports Krishna at his level best. Balarama associated with Krishna in order to protect the dharma.

Balarama spent his childhood as a cow herd along with his brother Krishna. Both of them killed several demons when they tried to kill them. Balarama and Krishna studied under sage Sandipani at Ujjain. He married Revati, the daughter of King Kakudmi.

In the Bhagavata Purana, it is described that after the destruction of the Yadu dynasty and after witnessing the disappearance of Lord Krishna, he sat down in a meditative state and departed from this world.

Let us chant the following 108 lovely names of Lord Balarama, in order to get the spiritual bliss for ever in our life.

  1. Om Sri Balabhadraya Namaha
  2. Om Sri Ramabhadraya Namaha
  3. Om Sri Sankarshanaya Namaha
  4. Om Sri Acyutaya Namaha
  5. Om Sri Revatiramanaya Namaha
  6. Om Sri Devaya Namaha
  7. Om Sri Kamapalaya Namaha
  8. Om Sri Halayudhaya Namaha
  9. Om Sri Dhrtanathaya Namaha
  10. Om Sri Pralambaghnaya Namaha
  11. Om Sri Mahaviraya Namaha
  12. Om Sri Rauhineyaya Namaha
  13. Om Sri Pratapavanaya Namaha
  14. Om Sri Talankaya Namaha
  15. Om Sri Musaliya Namaha
  16. Om Sri Haliya Namaha
  17. Om Sri Hariye Namaha
  18. Om Sri Yaduvaraya Namaha
  19. Om Sri Baliye Namaha
  20. Om Sri Sirapaniye Namaha
  21. Om Sri Padmapaniye Namaha
  22. Om Sri Lagudiye Namaha
  23. Om Sri Venuvadanaya Namaha
  24. Om Sri Kalindibhedanaya Namaha
  25. Om Sri Viraya Namaha
  26. Om Sri Balaprabalaya Namaha
  27. Om Sri Mahabhujaya Namaha
  28. Om Sri Vasudevaskalaya Namaha
  29. Om Sri Anantaya Namaha
  30. Om Sri Sahasravadanaya Namaha
  31. Om Sri Varunimadamattangaya Namaha
  32. Om Sri Vasuve Namaha
  33. Om Sri Vasumatibhartaya Namaha
  34. Om Sri Vasudevaya Namaha
  35. Om Sri Vasuttamaya Namaha
  36. Om Sri Yaduttamaya Namaha
  37. Om Sri Yadavendraya Namaha
  38. Om Sri Madhavaya Namaha
  39. Om Sri Vrsnivallabhaya Namaha
  40. Om Sri Dvarakesaya Namaha
  41. Om Sri Mathuresaya Namaha
  42. Om Sri Padmakshaya Namaha
  43. Om Sri Padmamaliya Namaha
  44. Om Sri Nupuriye Namaha
  45. Om Sri Vanamaliye Namaha
  46. Om Sri Kotikandarpalavanya Namaha
  47. Om Sri Sikhandiye Namaha
  48. Om Sri Kalipriyaya Namaha
  49. Om Sri Parameshvaraya Namaha
  50. Om Sri Paripurnatamaya Namaha
  51. Om Sri Saksatparamaya Namaha
  52. Om Sri Purusottamare Namaha
  53. Om Sri Sastrabhasyakaraya Namaha
  54. Om Sri Yajnikaya Namaha
  55. Om Sri Sheshaya Namaha
  56. Om Sri Sesha Bhagavane Namaha
  57. Om Sri Prakrteh paraya Namaha
  58. Om Sri Jivatmane Namaha
  59. Om Sri Paramatmane Namaha
  60. Om Sri Bhargavottamaya Namaha
  61. Om Sri Karunasindhuve Namaha
  62. Om Sri Caturvyuhaya Namaha
  63. Om Sri Caturvedaya Namaha
  64. Om Sri Saumitriye Namaha
  65. Om Sri Catuspadaya Namaha
  66. Om Sri Pradhanaya Namaha
  67. Om Sri Kavaciya Namaha
  68. Om Sri Saksiye Namaha
  69. Om Sri Sanghataya Namaha
  70. Om Sri Asurari Namaha
  71. Om Sri Buddhisakhaya Namaha
  72. Om Sri Cetaya Namaha
  73. Om Sri Vanecaraya Namaha
  74. Om Sri Avrtaya Namaha
  75. Om Sri Indriyeshaya Namaha
  76. Om Sri Munipriyaya Namaha
  77. Om Sri Gopatiye Namaha
  78. Om Sri Gopisatavrtaya Namaha
  79. Om Sri Goganasraya Namaha
  80. Om Sri Dhenukariye Namaha
  81. Om Sri Advitiyaya Namaha
  82. Om Sri Dvitiyaya Namaha
  83. Om Sri Nirakaraya Namaha
  84. Om Sri Niranjanaya Namaha
  85. Om Sri Virataya Namaha
  86. Om Sri Samrat Namaha
  87. Om Sri Mahaughaya Namaha
  88. Om Sri Dharaya Namaha
  89. Om Sri Pralambhariya Namaha
  90. Om Sri Carisnumanaya Namaha
  91. Om Sri Phanindraya Namaha
  92. Om Sri Sahasraphanamanditaya Namaha
  93. Om Sri Phanisvaraya Namaha
  94. Om Sri Sphurtiye Namaha
  95. Om Sri Phutkariye Namaha
  96. Om Sri Dugdhapanaya Namaha
  97. Om Sri Maniharaya Namaha
  98. Om Sri Vrndavanalatasritaya Namaha
  99. Om Sri Rasamandalamandanaya Namaha
  100. Om Sri Mantravisaradaya Namaha
  101. Om Sri Sankhacakragadadharaya Namaha
  102. Om Sri Bhogitalaya Namaha
  103. Om Sri Sphuraddantaya Namaha
  104. Om Sri Mahatalaya Namaha
  105. Om Sri Revaticittahartaya Namaha
  106. Om Sri Sankhacudabhaya Namaha
  107. Om Sri Devadattaya Namaha
  108. Om Sri Dhananjayaya Namaha