Sri Dakshina Murthy Namavali




Sri Dakshinamurthy is a form of Lord Shiva who is known as the Divine Guru, and he is the one who gives good knowledge to everyone like the holy mother Ma Saraswati, the goddess of education and wisdom. Lord Shiva takes the form of Dakshinamurthy in order to clear the doubts of the sages who approached him for clarifying their doubts. Just by sitting under a tree, with half closed eyes, and even without reciting a single word, he has clarified the doubts of the sages, and also gave them good knowledge, wisdom and spiritual powers.

In most of the Shiva Temples, we can find a separate shrine for Lord Dakshina Murthy who would be found in the form of seating and blessing posture. Guru Dakshinamurthy is praised for his sanctity, and several Mantras are dedicated to him. Lord Dakshinamurthy is considered as the first and foremost Guru to everyone in the universe, and he is regularly worshipped by even Lord Brahma and by the Deva Guru Brihaspati in order to discharge their duties perfectly. There are also a few temples dedicated to Lord Dakshinamurthy, and in those temples, he is worshipped as the main deity. Dakshinamurthy temple at Alangudi, Tamil Nadu is considered as a popular temple, and every Thursday, we can find lot of devotees in the temple who used to worship him sincerely in order to attain good prospects in their lives.

Offering the Chickpeas as Prasad to him during Thursdays is considered as a good act, which would please Guru Dakshinamurthy. By worshipping him regularly, even the dull students would become brighter in their studies and they would score well in their exams.

Once when Lord Brahma was unable to find out the meaning in a particular Vedic subject, and during that time, it was Lord Dakshinamurthy who appeared before him and clarified his doubt. Guru Dakshinamurthy is mainly worshipped for getting good knowledge, wisdom, courage, bravery and for good health.

Let us recite the 108 beautiful names of Lord Dakshinamurthy in order to please him.

The 108 names of Lord Dakshinamaurthy are as follows:-

  1. Om vidyarupine namah
  2. Om mahayogine namah
  3. Om suddha jnanine namah
  4. Om pinakadhṛte namah
  5. Om ratnalankṛtasarvangine namah
  6. Om ratnamaulaye namah
  7. Om jatadharaya namah
  8. Om gangadharine namah
  9. Om acalavasine namah
  10. Om mahajnanine namah
  11. Om samadhikṛte namah
  12. Om aprameyaya namah
  13. Om yoganidhaye namah
  14. Om tarakaya namah
  15. Om bhaktavatsalaya namah
  16. Om brahmarupine namah
  17. Om jagadvyapine namah
  18. Om visnumurtaye namah
  19. Om puratanaya namah
  20. Om uksavahaya namah
  21. Om carmavasase namah
  22. Om pitambara vibhusanaya namah
  23. Om moksadayine namah
  24. Om moksa nidhaye namah
  25. Om amdhakaraye namah
  26. Om jagatpataye namah
  27. Om vidyadharine namah
  28. Om sukla tanave namah
  29. Om vidyadayine namah
  30. Om ganadhipaya namah
  31. Om prauḍhapasmṛti samhartre namah
  32. Om sasi mauḷaye namah
  33. Om mahasvanaya namah
  34. Om samapriyaya namah
  35. Om avyayaya namah
  36. Om sadhave namah
  37. Om sarvavedairalankṛtaya namah
  38. Om haste vahni dharaya namah
  39. Om srimate mṛgadharine namah
  40. Om vasankaraya namah
  41. Om yajnanathaya namah
  42. Om kratudhvamsine namah
  43. Om yajnabhoktre namah
  44. Om yamantakaya namah
  45. Om bhaktanugraha murtaye namah
  46. Om bhata sevyaya namah
  47. Om vṛsadhvajaya namah
  48. Om bhasmoddhuḷita sarvangaya namah
  49. Om aksamaladharaya namah
  50. Om mahate namah
  51. Om trayimurtaye namah
  52. Om parabrahmane namah
  53. Om nagarajairalamkṛtaya namah
  54. Om samtarupayamahajnanine namah
  55. Om sarvalokavibhusanaya namah
  56. Om ardhanarisvaraya namah
  57. Om devaya namah
  58. Om munisevyaya namah
  59. Om surottamaya namah
  60. Om vyakhyanadevaya namah
  61. Om bhagavate namah
  62. Om ravicamdragni locanaya namah
  63. Om jagadgurave namah
  64. Om mahadevaya namah
  65. Om mahananda parayanaya namah
  66. Om jatadharine namah
  67. Om mahayogine namah
  68. Om jnanamalairalankṛtaya namah
  69. Om vyomagangajalasthanaya namah
  70. Om visuddhaya namah
  71. Om yataye namah
  72. Om urjitaya namah
  73. Om tattvamurtaye namah
  74. Om mahayogine namah
  75. Om mahasarasvatapradaya namah
  76. Om vyomamurtaye namah
  77. Om bhaktanamistaya namah
  78. Om kamaphalapradaya namah
  79. Om paramurtaye namah
  80. Om citsvarupine namah
  81. Om tejomurtaye namah
  82. Om anamayaya namah
  83. Om vedavedanga tattvajnaya namah
  84. Om catuhsasti kalanidhaye namah
  85. Om bhavarogabhayadhvamsine namah
  86. Om bhaktanamabhayapradaya namah
  87. Om nilagrivaya namah
  88. Om lalataksaya namah
  89. Om gajacarmane namah
  90. Om gatipradaya namah
  91. Om aragine namah
  92. Om kamadaya namah
  93. Om tapasvine namah
  94. Om visnuvallabhaya namah
  95. Om brahmacarine namah
  96. Om sanyasine namah
  97. Om gṛhasthasramakaranaya namah
  98. Om dantaya namah
  99. Om samavatam sresthaya namah
  100. Om satyarupaya namah
  101. Om dayaparaya namah
  102. Om yogapattabhiramaya namah
  103. Om vinadharine namah
  104. Om vicetanaya namah
  105. Om mati prajnasudhadharine namah
  106. Om mudrapustakadharanaya namah
  107. Om vetaladi vinasanaya namah
  108. Om roganam vinihantre namah