Sri Gomatha Namavali




Kamadhenu also known as Surabhi is a divine goddess known in Hinduism as Gomatha. Kamadhenu is the heavenly cow. She gives good health, wealth, happiness and all sorts of benefits in our life. Kamadhenu is not worshipped as a deity, and there are no temples dedicated to her. But she is worshipped as the divine cow and Hindu’s would do pujas to the cows especially on Fridays, Festival days and on Mattu Pongal festival day.

According to various Hindu texts, it is stated that she emerged at the time of churning of the divine ocean, whereas some references state that she is the daughter of Lord Daksha Bhagawan. Certain texts tell that previously Kamadhenu was in the possession of either Jamadagni or Vashista , and the kings who tried to steal her from the sages had faced severe troubles for their actions. Kamadhenu gives milk and other food products equivalent to the deva loka’s divine nectar
(AMIRTHA) and it is stated that she resides in the Indra Loka, the abode of Lord Indra.

Cow’s milk and its various products are used for Vedic fire sacrifices, and without that a sacrifice would not be concluded.

In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says that “Among the cows, I am the divine cow “KAMADHENU”. Hence she is considered as an aspect of Lord Krishna, since Lord Krishna will used to graze the cattle and looked after it kindly and affectionately during the previous Dwapara Yuga.

In some temples and houses, the pictures of kamadhenu would be worshipped. In Hinduism, cows are considered as sacred animals, and worshipped as an incarnation of Ma Kamadhenu. In general, all the cow related products are used as an Ayurveda medicine. It also cures various diseases, and by worshipping cows, we would get great mental peace and relaxation in our mind and body, which we would not get anywhere else. There are also several private cow sheds and cow sheds in Hindu temples throughout India, in order to protect them from slaughtering during their old age. Since, cow is considered as our affectionate mother, it is our duty to protect and safeguard them till their natural death. Once in a month we can visit the cow sheds and feed with them grass, greens and vegetables and other cow related food items.

Let us chant the 108 beautiful names of Ma Gomatha, and let us be blessed.

  1. om gomatre namaha
  2. om shrlkrushnavallabhayai namaha
  3. om krushnayai namaha
  4. om shrlkrushnapari j atayai namaha
  5. om krushsapriyayai namaha
  6. om krushnarupayai namaha
  7. om krushnapremavivardhinyai namaha
  8. om kamanlyayai namaha
  9. om kalyanyai namaha
  10. om kalyavanditayai namaha
  11. om kalpavrukshaswarupayai namaha
  12. om divyakalpasamankrutayai namaha
  13. om khllarnavasambhutayai namaha
  14. om khlradayai namaha
  15. om kahlrarupinyai namaha
  16. om nandadigopavirutayai namaha
  17. om nandinyai namaha
  18. om nandanapradayai namaha
  19. om brahmandevavirutayai namaha
  20. om brahmanandavidhayinyai namaha
  21. om sarvadharmaswarupinyai namaha
  22. om sarvabhutavanavinutayai namaha
  23. om sarvadarai namaha
  24. om sarvamodadayai namaha
  25. om shishteshtadyai namaha
  26. om shishtavaradayai namaha
  27. om srushtisthitilayatmikayai namaha
  28. om surabhyai namaha
  29. om sourabhiyai namaha
  30. om surasuranamaskrutayai namaha
  31. om siddhipradayai namaha
  32. om siddhavidyayai namaha
  33. om varasiddhivarashinyai namaha
  34. om jagadhitayai namaha
  35. om brahmabuddhyai namaha
  36. om gayitriyai namaha
  37. om yakahayinyai namaha
  38. om gandharvadisamaradhyai namaha
  39. om yagyangaya namaha
  40. om yagyaphalapradayai namaha
  41. om yagyeshtyai namaha
  42. om yagyarupinyai namaha
  43. om havyadravyapradayai namaha
  44. om shridayai namaha
  45. om sthavyabhavyakramo namaha
  46. om buddhidayai namaha
  47. om buddhayai namaha
  48. om dhanadhanyavivardhinyai namaha
  49. om yashodadyai namaha
  50. om suyashapuranayai namaha
  51. om yashodanandanavardhinyai namaha
  52. om dharmagyayai namaha
  53. om dharmavibhavayai namaha
  54. om dharmarupadharoruhayai namaha
  55. om ishtapadodavapratyayai namaha
  56. om vaishnavyai namaha
  57. om vishnurupinyai namaha
  58. om vishishtapujitayai namaha
  59. om vashishthapujitayai namaha
  60. om vishishtapujayai namaha
  61. om shishtayai namaha
  62. om shishteshtayai namaha
  63. om shishtakamadughe namaha
  64. om dillpasevitayai namaha
  65. om divyayai namaha
  66. om khurapavidavishtavayai namaha
  67. om ratnakarasamudbhutayai namaha
  68. om ratnadayai namaha
  69. om shukrapujitayai namaha
  70. om plyushavarshinyai namaha
  71. om punyayai namaha
  72. om punyapunyaphalapradayai namaha
  73. om abhayapradayai namaha
  74. om paramodayai namaha
  75. om ghrutadayai namaha
  76. om ghrutasambhavayai namaha
  77. om kartavIryarai namaha
  78. om hetukasamdhatayai namaha
  79. om jamadagnikrutaj asrasevayai namaha
  80. om santushtamanasayai namaha
  81. om renukasevitayai namaha
  82. om padaredubavidabhutabhayai namaha
  83. om soutsayai namaha
  84. om matsakaradipavitayai namaha
  85. om bhaktavatsalayai namaha
  86. om vrushadayai namaha
  87. om krushidayai namaha
  88. om hemashrunganayai namaha
  89. om trailokyavanditayai namaha
  90. om bhavyayai namaha
  91. om bhavitayai namaha
  92. om bhavanashinyai namaha
  93. om bhuktimuktipradayai namaha
  94. om kantayai namaha
  95. om anashubhamkartyai namaha
  96. om surupayai namaha
  97. om bahurupayai namaha
  98. om acchayai namaha
  99. om karpurayai namaha
  100. om kapilayai namaha
  101. om amalayai namaha
  102. om sadhusItaya namaha
  103. om sadhurupaya namaha
  104. om sadhubrundanahevitaya namaha
  105. om sarvavedamayai namaha
  106. om sarvadevaswarupaya namaha
  107. om prabhavatyai namaha
  108. om rudramatre namaha