Sri Hanuman Suprabhatam




Sri Hanuman Suprabhatam, is a divine song which would be sung in the early morning in praise of Lord Hanuman. This song tells about the significance of Lord Hanuman, and in most of the Hanuman Temples, this famous Hanuman Suprabhatam is being chanted after the chanting of Sri Hanuman Chalisa. This Suprabhatam benefits the devotees as well as his family members, and this would relieve us from mental stress and would give peace of mind. Chanting this mantra would prosper our lives.

The contents present in the Hanuman Suprabhatam are as follows:

During the childhood you have tried to catch the sun with your tender hands, which cannot be imagined by anyone in this universe. Oh! My beloved Hanuman, please get up from the bed, in order to grant the favours of your devotees.

You are the reliever of the diseases of your devotees, and you are the one, who would guide your devotees in the proper path and you are the remover of obstacles and removes the darkness from the minds of your devotees. Please get up from the bed for doing service to your beloved master Lord Rama.

You are the one, who had helped Sugriva from the clutches of Vali and safeguarded him in the Rishya Mukha Parvatha and you are the one who first met Lord Rama, and asked about his whereabouts. Please wake up, and give sufficient strength to our mind and body, in order to easily carry out our daily activities.

You have removed the sorrows of Sugriva by making him to become the friend of Lord Rama. The sun has already arisen in the sky, and the cool breeze is also there. Please wake up, and bless us.

You went to the Lanka in search for Ma Sita, and you have met her and spoken with the holy mother. By finding the place of Ma Sita, you have saved the lives of the Vanaras. After meeting Ma Sita in the Lanka, you have killed lot of demons and destroyed their houses through your supreme powers. Please wake up, and make us to become the sincere devotees of Lord Rama, similar to you.

You have introduced yourself to Ma Sita by showing the ring of Rama to Ma Sita and conveyed the message of Lord Ram. By doing that selfless service, you have given a new life to Ma Sita and consoled her like her affectionate son. Please get up from the bed in order to hear the divine songs of Lord Rama.

When Lakshmana was laid unconscious during the Lanka war, you have brought the ‘Sanjeevani herb’, and saved the life of Lakshmana. When Lord Rama was attacked by Ravana, through the Nagastra, you have recited the Garuda Mantra, and due to that, Lord Garuda appeared in the battle field, and saved the life of Lord Rama. Please wake up, and worship your Guru, the Sun God in the early morning.

You have done lot of help to Lord Rama, and thus you have become his great friend, but you considered yourself as a servant to Lord Rama, and served him sincerely, and still now you are chanting the Rama Mantra, for maintaining peace and prosperity in the world. Please wake up, and show your lovely face to us.

O My Lord Hanuman! Please remove the badness in my mind, and make me to become a noble person. You are very strong similar to the Indra’s Vajrayudha, and you are having the capability to lift the entire universe through your great powers. Please get up from the bed in order to chant the Rama Mantra, “Jai Sri Ram”.