Sri Sankaranarayanar Namavali




Sankara Narayana is a form of Lord Shiva and Vishnu, and there is a famous temple in Sankarankovil, where the famous Sankara Narayanan temple is located. In order to make the devotees of Vishnu and Shiva to realize that both of these gods are one and the same, Lord Shiva and Vishnu were appeared in this place as Sankaranarayanar.

It was built by the great Pandiyan king Sri Ukkira Pandiyan during the 9th century AD. The main deity of the temple is Swamy Sankara Narayanan, consisting of the appearance of both Vishnu and Shiva.

The deities found in the temple are Sri Sankareswarar, Sri Gomathi Amman and Sri Sankara Narayanar.

The holy sand of this temple cures the diseases of the devotees, and those who bath in the sacred tank of this temple, would be relieved from their past birth sins and from dreaded diseases.

The Daily Annadhanam scheme is implemented in this temple, and wholesome meals are being provided in a pleasing manner for a minimum of 100 devotees. Various puja schemes are also available in this temple. Devotees can check with the temple management and perform it as per their convenience.

It is believed, that by worshipping the divine deities in this temple, we would get better prospects in our life, and all our problems would quickly come to an end.

Let us sanctify Lord Sankaranarayana by reciting his wonderful 108 names, in order to get unlimited happiness in our life.

  1. Om Shankaraya Namah Sridharai Namah.
  2. Om Harane Namah Hariye Namah
  3. Om Eswara Namah Achuta Namah
  4. Om Shivaya Namah Narayana Namah
  5. Om Sarveswara Namah Sathyanatha Namah
  6. Om Veerabhadra Namah Veeranarayana Namah
  7. Om Kalabhairava Namah Kalapurshaya Namah
  8. Om Brahadeeswara Namah Badrinathata Namah
  9. Om Kailashapatiye Namah Vaikuntapatiye Namah
  10. Om Rajarajeswara Namah Rajanarayana Namah
  11. Om Rudraya Namah Rukminipatiye Namah
  12. Om Kalahasteeswara Namah Kalki devaya Namah
  13. Om Sundara Namah Sundaraperumale Namah
  14. Om Srisailaya Namah Tirumalavasaya Namah
  15. Om Sathru Samharaya Namah Anantaya Namah
  16. Om Soolaya Namah Changu Chakraya Namah
  17. Om Lingaya Namah salagramaperumale Namah
  18. Om Parvatipatiye Namah Lakshmipatiye Namah
  19. Om Sooraya Namah Veeraya Namah
  20. Om Rishabaya Namah Padmanabaya Namah
  21. Om Mahakalaya Namah Mahavishnuve Namah
  22. Om Vaidhyanatha Namah Veeraraghava Namah
  23. Om Bhimashankaraya Namah Bhimaya Namah
  24. Om Somanathaya Namah Somanarayana Namah
  25. Om Rangeswaraya Namaha Ranganatha Namah
  26. Om Jagathiswara Namaha Jagannathaya Namah
  27. Om Bhadreshwara Namah Bhadrachala Namah
  28. Om Amaleswaraya Namah Amalaya Namah
  29. Om Pasupathiye Namah Pavithraya Namah
  30. Om Sarabaya Namah Narasimhaya Namah
  31. Om Nandikeswaraya Namah Garudaya Namah
  32. Om Kapileswaraya Namah Kapilaya Namah
  33. Om Ekambareswara Namah Kannane Namah
  34. Om Anaghaya Namah Krishnaya Namah
  35. Om Alokaya Namah Ramaya Namah
  36. Om Aniketaya Namah Govindaya Namah
  37. Om Ajaya Namah Purandaraya Namah
  38. Om Digambara Namah Saksheye Namah
  39. Om Padmagarba Namah Punyaya Namah
  40. Om Shambhuve Namah Shooraya Namah
  41. Om Tejeswara Namah Aksharaya Namah
  42. Om Umapathi Namah Yogaya Namah
  43. Om Sadashiva Namah Vasudeva Namah
  44. Om Nityesa Namah Vallabaya Namah
  45. Om Nilakantaya Namah Ashokaya Namah
  46. Om Nagabhusha Namah Dhuryah Namah
  47. Om Girjapathiye Namah Aymaanai Namah
  48. Om Bhutanagaya Namah Ulaganatha Namah
  49. Om Athirbhudmyaya Namah Senganna Namah
  50. Om Charukvikramaya Namah Manimada Namah
  51. Om Jagadvyapiniye Namah Semponne Namah
  52. Om Sahasrakshaya Namah Thiruvidanthai Perumale Namah
  53. Om Haraya Namah Thiruvellan Namah
  54. Om Panchavaktra Namah Adhanoora Namah
  55. Om Khatvangi Namah Vinnagara Namah
  56. Om Shipivista Namah Varaha Namah
  57. Om Nilalohita Namah Vamana Namah
  58. Om Pinakina Namah Naraiyurane Namah
  59. Om Kapaliswara Namah Azagara Namah
  60. Om Kamari Namah Manavala Namah
  61. Om Jatadhar Namah Ramanujaya Namah
  62. Om Vrishanka Namah Mukunta Namah
  63. Om Lalataksha Namah Pavala Vanna Namah
  64. Om Yagyamaya Namah Mani Vanna Namah
  65. Om Puraratiye Namah Karvanna Namah
  66. Om Vyomakesha Namah Sundaravanna Namah
  67. Om Mahasenajanaka Namah Ooragathane Namah
  68. Om Charuvikrama Namah Ashtabujaya Namah
  69. Om Mrinda Namah Kadigasala Namah
  70. Om Avayagra Namah Singaperumale Namah
  71. Om Sahraksha Namah Moovenda Namah
  72. Om Tarakaya Namah Mathuravasa Namah
  73. Om Sahasrapada Namah Gokalaya Namah
  74. Om Kirataya Namah Ahobilaya Namah
  75. Om Kritivasa Namah Parthasarathy Namah
  76. Om Bharga Namah Parthibane Namah
  77. Om Gananatha Namah Naranarayana Namah
  78. Om Parashu Hastaya Namah Naradaya Namah
  79. Om Prajapatiye Namah Prahaladaya Namah
  80. Om Purarataye Namah Dhruva Namah
  81. Om Shukshmatanave Namah Anbilvasa Namah
  82. Om Vyomakeshaya Namah Karambaya Namah
  83. Om Bhagane Namah Uppiliappa Namah
  84. Om Sahasrapada Namah Sadagopa Namah
  85. Om Mallikarjunare Namah Neeraga Namah
  86. Om Kutralanatha Namah Karaga Namah
  87. Om Annamalaiyare Namah Paadaga Namah
  88. Om Maleeswara Namah Venugopala Namah
  89. Om Ramanatheswara Namah Santhanagopala Namah
  90. Om Thiagarajaya Namah Venkatanatha Namah
  91. Om Koneswara Namah Venkatagiriye Namah
  92. Om Komaleswara Namah Valluvaya Namah
  93. Om Muthu Sattanatha Namah Manikoodaya Namah
  94. Om Vadaranyeswara Namah Ramakrishnaya Namah
  95. Om Undreeswara Namah Ramakesavaya Namah
  96. Om Arapaleeswara Namah Adokshaka Namah
  97. Om Aranbeswara Namah Adisoora Namah
  98. Om Agastheeswara Namah Yadavaya Namah
  99. Om Valeeswara Namah Kamala Kannane Namah
  100. Om Sornakateswara Namah Thulasipatiye Namah
  101. Om Thiruvalangadu Iswara Namah Bhuvaraha Namah
  102. Om Darmalingeswara Namah Sayana narayana Namah
  103. Om Magakaleshwara Namah Gajendra varadha Namah
  104. Om Nataraja Namah Bhaktapriya Namah
  105. Om Jalakandeswara Namah Pannaga Namah
  106. Om Jambukeswara Namah Parkadal Vasa Namah
  107. Om Raveeswara Namah Kamalaya Namah
  108. Om Mouleeswara Namah Pushpa Narayana Namah