Sri Sita Namavali

Sri Sita Namavali



Sita is the holy mother and she is the most pious and holy woman as per Ramayana. She is considered as the incarnation of the earth goddess, Bhumi Devi and was adopted by King Janaka of Videha and his wife, Queen Sunaina.

She has a younger sister, Urmila, and her female cousins were Mandavi and Shrutakirti. Sita is well-known for her dedication, chastity, wisdom, knowledge, kindness, self-sacrifice, courage and purity.

Sita chooses Rama, the prince of Ayodhya as her husband in a swayamvara, where Rama proves his valour and married her.  After the swayamvara, she went along with her husband to his kingdom, but later she accompanied her husband Rama, along with her brother-in-law Lakshmana, in his exile. While in exile, in the Dandaka forest she was kidnapped by Ravana, the Demon king of Lanka. She was imprisoned by Ravana in Lanka until she was rescued by Rama. After the war, Sita entered into the fire in order to prove her chastity and purity before she is accepted by Rama.

After proving her purity, Rama and Sita returned to Ayodhya, where they are crowned as king and queen. After a few months, Sita becomes pregnant, and due to the gossip made by a person of his region, Rama sends Sita to the forest. There she takes shelter in sage Valmiki’s ashram. After few years, she handed over her sons to Lord Rama, and went inside the earth and stayed with her mother, the earth god, since she doesn’t want to further suffer any-more in this world.

Let us chant the below mentioned beautiful names of Ma Sita, and let us be blessed.

  1. Om sitayai namah
  2. Om janakyai namah
  3. Om devyai namah
  4. Om vaidehyai namah
  5. Om raghavapriyayai namah
  6. Om ramayai namah
  7. Om avanisutayai namah
  8. Om ramayai namah
  9. Om raksasantaprakarinyai namah
  10. Om ratnaguptayai namah
  11. Om matulingyai namah
  12. Om maithilyai namah
  13. Om bhaktatosadayai namah
  14. Om padmaksajayai namah
  15. Om kanjanetrayai namah
  16. Om smitasyayai namah
  17. Om nupurasvanayai namah
  18. Om vaikunthanilayayai namah
  19. Om mayai namah
  20. Om sriyai namah
  21. Om muktidayai namah
  22. Om kamapuranyai namah
  23. Om nrpatmajayai namah
  24. Om hemavarnayai namah
  25. Om mrdulangyai namah
  26. Om subhasinyai namah
  27. Om kusambikayai namah
  28. Om divyadayai namah
  29. Om lavamatre namah
  30. Om manoharayai namah
  31. Om hanumad vanditapadayai namah
  32. Om muktayai namah
  33. Om keyuradharinyai namah
  34. Om asokavanamadhyasthayai namah
  35. Om ravanadikamohinyai namah
  36. Om vimanasamsthitayai namah
  37. Om subhrve namah
  38. Om sukesyai namah
  39. Om rasananvitayai namah
  40. Om rajorupayai namah
  41. Om satvarupayai namah
  42. Om tamasyai namah
  43. Om vahnivasinyai namah
  44. Om hemamrgasakta cittayai namah
  45. Om valmikasrama vasinyai namah
  46. Om pativratayai namah
  47. Om mahamayayai namah
  48. Om pitakauseya vasinyai namah
  49. Om mrganetrayai namah
  50. Om bimbosthyai namah
  51. Om dhanurvidya visaradayai namah
  52. Om saumyarupayai namah
  53. Om dasarathastanusaya namah
  54. Om camaravijitayai namah
  55. Om sumedha duhitre namah
  56. Om divyarupayai namah
  57. Om trailokya palinyai namah
  58. Om annapurnayai namah
  59. Om mahalksmyai namah
  60. Om dhiye namah
  61. Om lajjayai namah
  62. Om sarasvatyai namah
  63. Om santyai namah
  64. Om pustyai namah
  65. Om samayai namah
  66. Om gauryai namah
  67. Om prabhayai namah
  68. Om ayodhyanivasinyai namah
  69. Om vasantasitalayai namah
  70. Om gauryai namah
  71. Om snana santusta manasayai namah
  72. Om ramanama bhadrasamsthayai namah
  73. Om hemakumbhapayodharayai namah
  74. Om surarcitayai namah
  75. Om dhrtyai namah
  76. Om kantyai namah
  77. Om smrtyai namah
  78. Om medhayai namah
  79. Om vibhavaryai namah
  80. Om laghudharayai namah
  81. Om vararohayai namah
  82. Om hemakankanamanditayai namah
  83. Om dvijapatnyarpitanijabhusayai namah
  84. Om raghavatosinyai namah
  85. Om sriramasevanaratayai namah
  86. Om ratnatatanka dharinyai namah
  87. Om ramavamankasamsthayai namah
  88. Om ramacandraika ranjinyai namah
  89. Om sarayujala sankrida karinyai namah
  90. Om ramamohinyai namah
  91. Om suvarna tulitayai namah
  92. Om punyayai namah
  93. Om punyakirtaye namah
  94. Om kalavatyai namah
  95. Om kalakanthayai namah
  96. Om kambukanthayai namah
  97. Om rambhorave namah
  98. Om gajagaminyai namah
  99. Om ramarpitamanase namah
  100. Om ramavanditayai namah
  101. Om rama vallabhayai namah
  102. Om sriramapada cihnangayai namah
  103. Om rama rameti bhasinyai namah
  104. Om ramaparyankasayanayai namah
  105. Om ramanghriksalinyai namah
  106. Om varayai namah
  107. Om kamadhenvannasantustayai namah
  108. Om matulingakaradhrtayai namah




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