Sri Subramanya Namavali




Lord Muruga is considered as a popular deity in Hinduism, though he is mostly worshipped by the Tamil devotees, and by the Tamil people living in abroad. Lord Muruga contains attractive features like holding the divine spear on his hand, his handsome face and his attractive outlook, and his beautiful vehicle peacock. Lord Krishna in his Bhagavat Gita discourse tells, among the gods, I am Lord Muruga. While peacock feathers, decorates the head of Lord Krishna, Lord Muruga is having the peacock as his own vehicle.

Lord Muruga is praised in the ancient Tamil Texts, and he is considered as the god of war. Ancient Hindu women used to worship him sincerely, whenever their consorts were on the battle field. Whenever we see a beautiful child, we used to tell, this child looks like the handsome Balamuruga. Similar to Lord Krishna, Lord Muruga proved his bravery during his childhood itself. He is fondly called as “THAGAPAN SWAMY”, since the great Lord Muruga taught about the meaning of the Pranava Mantra to his father, Lord Shiva, at the present place of Swami Malai temple, which is situated near Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Famous saints like Arunagiri Nathar, Sachidananda Swamigal and Pamban Swamigal have got the great opportunity of seeing Lord Muruga in their naked eyes itself. We can also have the divine darshan of Lord Muruga, if we keep sincere faith and bhakti on him, and also if we sanctify him by the way of reciting his wonderful Namavalis.

The beautiful names of Lord Muruga are as follows:

  1. Om skandaya namah
  2. Om guhaya namah
  3. Om sanmukhaya namah
  4. Om phalanetrasutaya namah
  5. Om prabhave namah
  6. Om pingalaya namah
  7. Om krttikasunave namah
  8. Om sikhivahanaya namah
  9. Om dvisadbhujaya namah
  10. Om dvisannetraya namah
  11. Om saktidharaya namah
  12. Om pisitasaprabhanjanaya namah
  13. Om tarakasurasamhartre namah
  14. Om raksobalavimardanaya namah
  15. Om mattaya namah
  16. Om pramattaya namah
  17. Om unmattaya namah
  18. Om surasainyasuraksakaya namah
  19. Om devasenapataye namah
  20. Om prajnaya namah
  21. Om krpalave namah
  22. Om bhaktavatsalaya namah
  23. Om umasutaya namah
  24. Om saktidharaya namah
  25. Om kumaraya namah ।
  26. Om krauncadaranaya namah
  27. Om senaniye namah
  28. Om agnijanmane namah
  29. Om visakhaya namah
  30. Om sankaratmajaya namah
  31. Om sivasvamine namah
  32. Om ganasvamine namah
  33. Om sarvasvamine namah
  34. Om sanatanaya namah
  35. Om anantasaktaye namah
  36. Om aksobhyaya namah
  37. Om parvatipriyanandanaya namah
  38. Om gangasutaya namah
  39. Om sarodbhutaya namah
  40. Om ahutaya namah
  41. Om pavakatmajaya namah
  42. Om jrmbhaya namah
  43. Om prajrmbhaya namah
  44. Om ujjrmbhaya namah
  45. Om kamalasanasamstutaya namah
  46. Om ekavarnaya namah
  47. Om dvivarnaya namah
  48. Om trivarnaya namah
  49. Om sumanoharaya namah
  50. Om cuturvarnaya namah
  51. Om pancavarnaya namah
  52. Om prajapataye namah
  53. Om ahaspataye namah
  54. Om agnigarbhaya namah
  55. Om samigarbhaya namah
  56. Om visvaretase namah
  57. Om surarighne namah
  58. Om haridvarnaya namah
  59. Om subhakaraya namah
  60. Om vasumate namah
  61. Om vatuvesabhrte namah
  62. Om pusne namah
  63. Om gabhastaye namah
  64. Om gahanaya namah
  65. Om candravarnaya namah
  66. Om kaladharaya namah
  67. Om mayadharaya namah
  68. Om mahamayine namah
  69. Om kaivalyaya namah
  70. Om sankaratmajaya namah
  71. Om visvayonaye namah
  72. Om ameyatmane namah
  73. Om tejonidhaye namah
  74. Om anamayaya namah
  75. Om paramesthine namah
  76. Om parabrahmane namah
  77. Om vedagarbhaya namah
  78. Om viratsutaya namah
  79. Om pulindakanyabhartre namah
  80. Om mahasarasvatavrataya namah
  81. Om asritakhiladatre namah
  82. Om coraghnaya namah
  83. Om roganasanaya namah
  84. Om anantamurtaye namah
  85. Om anandaya namah
  86. Om sikhandikrtaketanaya namah
  87. Om dambhaya namah
  88. Om paramadambhaya namah
  89. Om mahadambhaya namah
  90. Om vrsakapaye namah
  91. Om karanopattadehaya namah
  92. Om karanatitavigrahaya namah
  93. Om anisvaraya namah
  94. Om amrtaya namah
  95. Om pranaya namah
  96. Om pranayamaparayanaya namah
  97. Om viruddhahantre namah
  98. Om viraghnaya namah
  99. Om raktasyamagalaya namah
  100. Om syamakandharaya namah
  101. Om mahate namah
  102. Om subrahmanyaya namah
  103. Om guhapritaya namah
  104. Om brahmanyaya namah
  105. Om brahmanapriyaya namah
  106. Om vedavedyaya namah
  107. Om aksayaphalapradaya namah
  108. Om valli devasana Pathiye namah




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