Sri Viswakarma Namavali




Viswakarma is the deity with abnormal creative powers. According to the Vedas, he is considered as the divine architect of the entire universe.

Viswakarma is the creator of the chariots and weapons of the gods.

He created the Vajrayudha for Lord Indra.

Though Viswakarma is worshiped by all the Hindu people, but mostly he is worshipped by the people belonging to Viswakarma Sect, who involve themselves in the fields of ornament making, Wood Work and Iron work.

The Viswakarma Puja is celebrated in some parts of Nepal and India on the month of September of every year. Lord Viswakarma is a powerful god, and controls the entire universe. He is considered as the chief among all the other gods. He contains enormous powers and protects us from enemies and from doshams, and gives us a healthy, wealthy and a happy life. He acts as a powerful guardian for all of us.

Viswakarma Jayanthi is celebrated by most of the industrial houses. His Jayanthi is celebrated on Magha Shukla Trayodashi. He is considered as the main creator of the entire universe, and some important creations made by him are as follows:-

In Satya Yuga, he built Heaven

In Treta Yuga, he built Lanka

In Dwapara Yuga, he built Dwarka

Let us pray to him and chant his wonderful names which are given below, and let us be blessed.

  1. Om visvakarmane namah
  2. Om visvatmane namah
  3. Om visvasmyai namah
  4. Om visvadharaya namah
  5. Om visvadharmaya namah
  6. Om viraje namah
  7. Om visvesvaraya namah
  8. Om visnave namah
  9. Om visvadharaya namah
  10. Om visvakaraya namah
  11. Om vastospataye namah
  12. Om visvambharaya namah
  13. Om varmine namah
  14. Om varadaya namah
  15. Om visvesadhipataye namah
  16. Om vitalaya namah
  17. Om visabhuje namah
  18. Om visvavyapine namah
  19. Om devaya namah
  20. Om dharmine namah
  21. Om dhiraya namah
  22. Om dharaya namah
  23. Om paratmane namah
  24. Om purusaya namah
  25. Om dharmatmane namah
  26. Om svetangaya namah
  27. Om svetavastraya namah
  28. Om hamsavahanaya namah
  29. Om trigunatmane namah
  30. Om satyatmane namah
  31. Om gunavallabhaya namah
  32. Om bhukalpaya namah
  33. Om bhulokaya namah
  34. Om bhuvarlokaya namah
  35. Om caturbhujaya namah
  36. Om visvarupaya namah
  37. Om visvavyapakaya namah
  38. Om anantaya namah
  39. Om antaya namah
  40. Om ahmane namah
  41. Om atalaya namah
  42. Om adyatmane namah
  43. Om anantamukhaya namah
  44. Om anantabhujaya namah
  45. Om anantacaksuse namah
  46. Om anantakalpaya namah
  47. Om anantasaktibhrte namah
  48. Om atisuksmaya namah
  49. Om trinetraya namah
  50. Om kambidharaya namah
  51. Om jnanamudraya namah
  52. Om sutratmane namah
  53. Om sutradharaya namah
  54. Om maharlokaya namah
  55. Om janalokaya namah
  56. Om tapolokaya namah
  57. Om satyalokaya namah
  58. Om sutalaya namah
  59. Om talatalaya namah
  60. Om mahatalaya namah
  61. Om rasatalaya namah
  62. Om patalaya namah
  63. Om manusapine namah
  64. Om tvastre namah
  65. Om devajnaya namah
  66. Om purnaprabhaya namah
  67. Om hrdayavasine namah
  68. Om dustadamanaya namah
  69. Om devadharaya namah
  70. Om sthirakaraya namah
  71. Om vasapatre namah
  72. Om purnanandaya namah
  73. Om sanandaya namah
  74. Om sarvesvaraya namah
  75. Om paramesvaraya namah
  76. Om tejatmane namah
  77. Om paramatmane namah
  78. Om krtipataye namah
  79. Om brhad smanya namah
  80. Om brahmanḍaya namah
  81. Om bhuvanapataye namah
  82. Om tribhuvanaya namah
  83. Om sanatanaya namah
  84. Om sarvadaye namah
  85. Om karsapanaya namah
  86. Om harsaya namah
  87. Om sukhakartre namah
  88. Om duhkhahartre namah
  89. Om nirvikalpaya namah
  90. Om nirvidhaya namah
  91. Om nissmaya namah
  92. Om niradharaya namah
  93. Om nirakaraya namah
  94. Om mahadurlabhaya namah
  95. Om nirmohaya namah
  96. Om santimurtaye namah
  97. Om santidatre namah
  98. Om moksadatre namah
  99. Om sthaviraya namah
  100. Om suksmaya namah
  101. Om nirmohaya namah
  102. Om dharadharaya namah
  103. Om sthitismaya namah
  104. Om visvaraksakaya namah
  105. Om durlabhaya namah
  106. Om svargalokaya namah
  107. Om pancavaktraya namah
  108. Om visvavallabhaya namah