Swami Narayan



Swaminarayan was a saint, yogi, an incarnation of Lord Krishna and he was the founder of the Swaminarayan Sect and his teachings are based on celibacy, Hindu Dharma and showing kindness on all things present in the earth. He has performed many miracles in his lifetime, and he still blesses his devotees from his temples.

Swaminarayan was born in Uttar Pradesh, during the year 1781. At his young age itself, he has lost his parents, and hence, he has started his spiritual journey throughout India, in order to spread the essence of Hindu Dharma. During this journey, he performed many miracles and he had done lot of social welfare activities. He has entered into sainthood in a holy Mutt, and obtained the name of Swami Sahajanand Swami. In the year 1802, he has taken over the affairs of the Mutt, and from then onwards, he came to be known as “SWAMINARAYAN”, and the Swami Narayan Mutt was then converted into a temple, which is popularly called as Swami Narayan Temple, and now it has various branches even in some foreign countries also.

Some of his good golden quotes are as follows:-

  1. Our life would be wholesome only if we do good activities and walk in the spiritual path.
  2. Aim for something in your life, which you consider it as good, and then workout for its success, and do it till your death. This is the best method to gain sure success in your life.
  3. Whether you believe the god or not, that is not the problem of the god, if you accept it, then your life would go smoothly, or else you have to suffer a lot in your life.
  4. Give more attention to your own language, and tell its importance to others.
  5. If you make others happy, then god would give permanent happiness to you.
  6. The path of Dharma is very bright, and there is no darkness in that.
  7. Because of the excellent powers of the god, we are able to live in this world without much difficulty. We have to definitely thank him for giving this prosperous life to us.
  8. Those who live a lazy life are not to be considered as humans. And those who live actively like a busy bee would only be considered as humans.
  9. Without showing any interest on your work, you could not succeed in your career ladder hence keep lot of interest on your work, and then only you would be highly rewarded and awarded for your work.
  10. Love everyone and show your great respect to your Guru, Parents and to your elders.
  11. Being in the company of bad people, would make us to become bad, and being in the company of good people, would make us to become good in our life.
  12. Without learning essential subjects, we would be treated similar to a beggar by others.
  13. You can donate money for charitable purposes, and by seeing the smiling faces of the depressed ones, you can get utmost satisfaction in your lives.
  14. Live, a very good life, in order to make others to feel proud of you. Be like a shining star in your life.
  15. Visit the temples of the deities as much as possible, in order to get divine energy.
  16. Always be a noble and a straight forward person, and don’t cause problems to others.
  17. Whoever does bad things in their lives must have to compulsorily suffer for their acts, and hence don’t commit sins in your life.
  18. Think several times while doing any work, or else you will get lot of mistakes in your work.





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