Swami Samarth




Swami Samarth (19th century AD), also known as Akkalkot Maharaj, was a spiritual saint, he is having large number of devotees in Maharashtra, and he is also considered as a great saint similar to Sri Shirdi Saibaba, and during his lifetime he has healed the diseases of the devotees through his spiritual powers, and still he is blessing his devotees from his Akkalkot Temple. During his life time, he ate only simple food, and he didn’t enjoy any comforts in his life, and he used to frequently tell to others,                      “Don’t always keep enjoying comforts in your life, since if you become addicted with that, you would lose your interest with the god”.

Swami Samarth has stayed in Akkalkot for more than 20 years, and during his period, people had easily approached him, and their problems were miraculously solved by him, even without telling it to him. Still he is showering his grace to those people who worship him sincerely from their souls.

Some of his good golden quotes are as follows:-

I am always present, and there is no death for me. You can feel my presence on your soul.

You can see the God in all the things.

Remove your ego in order to shine brightly in your life.

The holy Vedas must be properly preserved, and it must be read for several times.

Our mind must be controlled properly, or otherwise, we would face many hardships in our life.

Always keep your body and mind clean.

Remove the wastages from your mind, and strengthen your mind by thinking about the significance of god.

With your experience only, you can know about your plus and minus.

Work hard by considering it as your daily duty, and don’t work only for getting monetary gains.

Just by reading spiritual books you cannot attain sufficient knowledge, you must also listen to the spiritual discourses of the Holy Gurus.

My purpose is not just to show miracles in front of you, but my main aim is to invoke you in the spiritual world.

By keeping our entire attention on the God, we can get lot of physical and mental strength, we would not get boredom, and we would be having more and more interest to live in this world.

Believe me, and keep bhakti on me, then, I would support you throughout in your life.

No toxins would be entered in the mind of the pious people, since they will be always protected by the almighty.

I promise you, I will not leave you alone in this Difficult Kali Yuga, I will show you the correct path, and you can be always safe under my Protective Umbrella.

Human life consists of lot of difficulties, and hence, you have to acquire the necessary courage to succeed in your life.

In the case of a sick person, medicines alone will not help him. Along with the medicines, he must also do regular prayers on the almighty, in order to recover fast from his sickness.





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