Welcoming Shirdi Saibaba To Our Home On Thursdays

Shirdi Saibaba



We can give a warm welcome to Sri Shirdi Saibaba to our home, especially on Thursdays. If we keep sincere faith on him, surely, he would make a surprise visit to our home either in his original form or in any other form, and would bless us. Even during his lifetime, he used to take alms by visiting various homes. Though he contained abnormal powers, yet, he never used those powers for his own comforts, but utilised it fully for the welfare of his devotees.

Still now he is occupied in the hearts of his devotees due to his simplicity and generosity. Whatever amount he receives as “GURU DAKSHINA”, he used to spend it for the sake of feeding the poor people. Even at the time of attaining Mahasamadhi, he gave the money kept by him to his devotee, and breathed his last. He is such a kind of pious, noble and a generous saint. Based on his instructions, still now, in the Shirdi Temple, and also in various other temples of Saibaba, daily feeding of free food is being done in a pleasing manner. On Thursdays, Sai devotees would perform puja in their homes by keeping a picture of Shirdi Saibaba. Flowers would be adorned to his picture, and fruits and sweet Prasad items would be placed before him as a holy offering to him. Some devotees would also sing wonderful songs on him, and songs would also be played in the music players.

Saibaba didn’t see the caste, creed or community of his devotees, but he expects only the true bhakti, and more than that, he didn’t expect anything from them. He is ready to enter in our homes, and he would permanently settle down in our homes also, based on our true love and affection showered on him. We would have read in some magazines, that in some of the homes of the Sai devotees, Udhi, the sacred ash, was miraculously poured from his picture, and some devotees also witnessed that some portion of the Prasad items kept in front of the Sai picture, was eaten by Sai Baba, who might have visited their homes in an invisible form. Saibaba is ready to visit our homes on Thursdays, hence, let us decorate our homes with flower garlands, and make necessary lighting arrangements in our puja room, and let us prepare various delicious food items for him, and let us happily welcome the great and the kind hearted saint.




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